PHOTOS - BB-8 meet and greet now open at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Apr 12, 2017 in "Star Wars Launch Bay"

BB-8 meet and greet at Star Wars Launch Bay

BB-8 is now appearing at Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney's Hollywood Studios for meet and greets.

The entrance is found in the Cantina, leading to a new queue that resembles a docking bay of a Resistance freighter.

BB-8, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, moves and interacts with the guests, although he doesn't move beyond the pedestal. PhotoPass is on hand to capture the moment.

Guests at Star Wars Launch Bay can continue to meet Kylo Ren, Chewbacca and the Jawas. The new BB-8 experience replaces the former Disney Infinity video game area of the Launch Bay.

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Article Posted: Apr 12, 2017 / 12:31pm EDT
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YodaManJun 10, 2017

^this. There was a very real chance the Jawas *might* have needed to leave. It was never locked in stone, but there was a concern that BB-8's line would be too long and fill up the Cantina constantly and it would be unsafe to have the Jawas roam in such a crowded environment. They also would have been an easy source of money to cut to offset the cost of BB-8 (adding him created 2 character performers and 2 character attendants and 2 photopass attendants that needed to be staffed open-to-close). Don't worry about what rumors didn't come to fruition, and instead be glad that BB-8's line is never terribly long and they didn't use it as an excuse to cut spending.

Kman101Jun 10, 2017

Plans change. Doesn't mean the information was wrong at the time.

wdriveJun 10, 2017

Excuse me? Was just reporting what I was told from people within Launch Bay

MisterPenguinJun 10, 2017

It was never live to begin with. Here is ssaamm's source of the rumor... ssaamm was spitposting.

DisoneJun 10, 2017

I would say this rumor is dead as BB8 has been out for a while now. @ssaamm clearly double down on this rumor and it didn't pay off. That's okay. People can be wrong and should not be ridiculed for it. But at this point even if the jawas left next week, it obviously did not have anything to do with the arrival of BB8 who has been out for some time now. So this rumor is dead.

MisterPenguinJun 09, 2017

Someone on Reddit just posted a picture of a Jawa encounter yesterday. Real cute, the Jawa is falling over from a little kid's force-push (he's dressed as Vader). So, is the rumor they're leaving dead or still in the works?

wdriveApr 20, 2017

They're certainly leaving shortly

wdriveApr 12, 2017

I'd say wait until BB-8 officially opens.

MisterPenguinApr 12, 2017

So, uh... @ssaamm , where did you get your info again?

Kman101Apr 12, 2017

Don't the toys move too? I get it's "the experience" but eh ... I'm happy for those that enjoy it though!

J. D.Apr 12, 2017

Exactly. BB-8 may be confined to a pedestal, but he still rotates around and talks. He's surprisingly animated and interactive.

21stampsApr 12, 2017

Ok thanks! Whew that was scary. I think the jawas are great!

BoltApr 12, 2017

They were out yesterday still (and BB-8 was meeting too)

BoltApr 12, 2017

The experience is pretty great though. Not every memory has to be summed up in a single photo.