PHOTOS - Latest construction pictures of the Star Wars hotel at Walt Disney World

Jun 12, 2019 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Star Wars hotel construction at Walt Disney World - June 2019
Posted: Wednesday June 12, 2019 10:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction crews have been busy at the future Star Wars hotel, with much of the main building now in place.

The two story structure is expected to have less than 100 guest rooms, with its interior designed to recreate the interior of a space craft - including spaces such as Dojo, the Brig, and the Engineering Room - all locations that could contain highly themed and immersive experiences.

You can read more about the Star Wars hotel in a previous article where we looked at some detailed plans of the hotel.

If you are wondering where the hotel fits in relation to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, you can see the hotel in the top left of the picture below.

Disney is yet to release an opening date, but with the speed of construction and the relatively small size of the hotel, a 2020 opening would seem a realistic estimate.

Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by @cchard.

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mergatroid4 days ago

Oh there with the wit as always @WDWJoeG, keep them coming :D

MisterPenguin4 days ago

You know thst that poster is not saying the thing i was asking for, rjght?

TalkingHead4 days ago

Have a magical day!

SplashZander5 days ago

See, at this price point, you shouldn't be able to hate it. It shouldn't be terrible no matter your background, interests, or abilities. From what we've seen and heard, the Starcruiser is a fantastic experience. The main disappointment should be mostly confined to the price or perceived value, but whether something is too expensive is extraordinarily individualized. Flying in an Emirates Suite is exorbitantly expensive, but definitely a great experience. As someone who always flies economy, the price is crazy, but that doesn't make it entirely wretched, because there are some people who can afford it and assign great value to the experience. Fighting about the price to evaluate the experience is worthless as the value of money itself varies drastically between people. The majority of people walk away from the Starcruiser with a positive attitude towards the experience, that's what matters.

WDWJoeG5 days ago

Yup, still terrible.

MisterPenguin5 days ago

Could you link to someone saying all the reviews are not only good, but exceptionally good?

TalkingHead5 days ago

There are negative reviews online, including some mixed reviews cited in this very thread. But to hear some of you tell it, this thing is 10/10, five stars, A+++ according to every reviewer who’s been. Do you hear how crazy you all sound?

corran horn5 days ago

Got a confirmation call yesterday (we ship out in a few weeks) with request for questions and such. Was very pleasant. As we are staying in Boardwalk prior to our cruise our checkout can be moved to noon. There's no longer direct bus transport to GS from the Springs (we were going to go there and change before the checkout news) but Boardwalk will call a cab and we'll get a payment voucher at GS. My son is 11 and doesn't have his own phone yet (a point of contention continuously) but they said they may have loaner devices there. We will probably just bring an ipad. They advised everyone in the party should have their own play disney login for maximum enjoyment.

kalel81456 days ago

I don't care if anyone speaks against it. It's dumping on others that that get excited about it that bothers me. As far as only now just getting active, the tone of this board has totally changed from when I joined as well as some of the members. Just speaking my side of it if you must know detective. By all means, complain away. Dump on it. Rag on me if you want. Call me a shill. I couldn't care less.

marni19716 days ago

It’s odd you’ve been here 14 years and only in the last few months actively started to defend the company - and more intriguingly attempt to put down anyone who dare speak against it.

kalel81456 days ago

I watched these videos. It was crazy. The whole interview was cringe.

corran horn6 days ago

'The most telling and probably honest assessment of the experience' is given by Internet trolls is certainly an opinion one could have, I suppose.

mergatroid6 days ago

The other thing to consider is what a bad reaction it got when Disney released the first advert which didn't do it justice. Everyone 'celebrating' the fact it was 'awful' and patting themselves on their back with how they 'were right' all along. And yet despite that start it's still selling rooms and still pleasing guests.

HoustonHorn7 days ago

Here's what I just don't understand. I am completely against the Splash Mountain re-skin to PatF. Splash is my 3rd favorite ride on property (behind RotR and ToT), and I think it could be just about perfect if it was kept up with. Tiana deserves a place in the parks (if for no other reason than the selfish one that she is my daughter's favorite princess), but let's ADD her, not REPURPOSE an amazing attraction for her. Plus, I have no faith that the redone version will be better or even equal to Splash. But you know what I don't do? I do not hang out on that thread mocking everyone who is excited by it. Who has time for that? Edited to fix a typo.