New destinations coming to Star Tours - The Adventure Continue

Aug 15, 2015 in "Star Tours - The Adventures Continue"

Posted: Saturday August 15, 2015 6:21pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Imaginer Scott Trowbridge just took to the stage at D23 EXPO to announce a number of new Star Tours experiences coming to the parks.

Later this year, Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios will be updated to feature characters and destinations from the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Clyde BirdbrainDec 17, 2016

I was just on Star Tours and the first scene was the pod racers on Tatooine and the transmission was from Yoda, so no more locked-in Jakku!

andre85Dec 04, 2016

Of course it got boring for those who rode it more than a couple of times. I suspect most in WDW hadn't. My point was if it makes sense for DL to do it at all, it's easily justifiable for WDW to do it for longer since they cater to people who aren't there week after week, unlike Disneyland, and thus haven't seen the new sequence even months after its debut. If anything, Disneyland's was more egregious since, again, it appeals more to locals. They should have ended it after a couple of weeks. Of course, I personally wish neither park did it at all since I do reride it being a DL APer, but the decision as to why they ran it longer isn't confusing Regardless, it's kind of telling how some get bored of this one so easily when the original Star Tours was endlessly rerideable--at least for me. Loved that rided

Kylo KenDec 04, 2016

The Rogue One scenes will be included in the Star Tours: Tour of the Outer Rim Dessert Party upcharge event I'm sure ;)

Bill CipherDec 04, 2016

The New Disney :banghead:

FigmentJediDec 04, 2016

No because that would make sense

marni1971Dec 04, 2016

Not at all. After two rides it got boring.

andre85Dec 04, 2016

It makes sense for WDW to run it longer since they appeal more to tourists who haven't seen it yet, as opposed to DL where like half the people have seen it after a week :P

Mike SDec 04, 2016

About damn time. I was starting to go crazy with how long it's been locked on the EpVII stuff. The ride is so simple to change that those additions were put in pretty much over night after already being tested elsewhere. It's like someone forgot to flip a switch for all these months.

oceanbreeze77Dec 04, 2016

You guys are still on that??? DL stopped that in august

LukeS7Dec 04, 2016

According to the site that cannot be named, we'll be getting randomization in HS again starting December 18th :D We'll no longer be locked-in to Jakku and BB-8

*Q*Aug 09, 2016

Are they going to add a Rogue One scene?

EOD K9Aug 08, 2016

OR, you could report to her division at once.

networkproAug 08, 2016

Report to the disintegration chambers NOW

PorterRedkeyAug 08, 2016

The one where the Jakku section from force Awakens plays every time.