Ahsoka is heading to Star Tours at Walt Disney World

23 days ago in "Star Tours - The Adventures Continue"

Posted: Saturday September 9, 2023 9:29am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Ahsoka will become part of Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris beginning next spring.

The original series Star Wars: Ahsoka is currently streaming exclusively on Disney+ and  Ahsoka recently arrived in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland.

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Marc Davis Fan21 days ago

This was discussed in a little more detail in another thread, but to summarize: Even though you breeze through the outdoor queue, the attraction’s facade sets the framing for the experience. Imagine, for instance having a flat or visibly-partial facade instead of the fully-realized one for Tower of Terror—it would change what the experience of the Tower of Terror is. I’m always concerned about the experiences of non-regular and first-time visitors, and in the other thread I hypothesized that many of them see the “unfinished” outdoor stuff (e.g., the flat backdrop and the back of the at-at) as simply poor design. My suspicions were confirmed by other posters replying that they often hear people in the queue say things like (to paraphrase) “they didn’t bother to finish this ” or “they didn’t think we’d look behind this?” I also heard the same in a random YouTube video of the queue. Apart from this issue, I’d give a slight edge to WDW’s queue—but I’d consider them nearly identical (most would probably have to look carefully / side-by-side to notice differences in the configuration). I also agree about the ride capacity difference (for those unfamiliar: DL’s ST capacity is 2/3rds of DHS’s!) making a difference—though I’ve only found it an issue on the most crowded days.

doctornick22 days ago

That strikes me as an odd complaint considering that it's really only the outdoor portion of the queue in DHS that has that "movie set" conceit and I don't think I've had to really wait in that area for like 20 years. So you basically breeze by it. Meanwhile the indoor portion of the queue is IMHO better in DHS compared to DL. IIRC a good bit of the queue in DL is kinda boring and you are often stuck there waiting due to the big ride capacity difference.

Marc Davis Fan22 days ago

Indeed, thanks to the Baxter and team's cleverness (with the premise, queue, vehicle design...), as well as the 2011 upgrades, it stands up incredibly well for an "old-fashioned" simulator. It's a great example of thoughtful design taking simple concepts to the next level. That being said... I've always enjoyed the Disneyland version way more. Like, I get off the DHS version saying "that was alright" and I get off the DL version (and the DLP version) saying "that was really good!" It took me a while to guess why, but now I think it's that the DHS version's facade / outdoor queue scream "none of this is real" so loudly that it's much harder to suspend disbelief (and this is despite ST technically not actually making sense in Tomorrowland). When DHS leaned into "this is a movie set" it made sense: we were entering a movie set that magically transformed / transported us into the world of the movie. Now, it looks like a half-finished, failed attempt at a themed environment that one might expect to find at a Six Flags. They have to either replace the facade entirely, or lean back into the "movie set" theme for as long as they're going to keep this around. It's surrounded by "Los Angeles" and next to the "ink and paint shop," so it's certainly more in keeping with DHS's current theme to make it clearly a movie set than a half-finished extraterrestrial environment. And the improvement would be as simple as adding prop lighting/camera rigs and a "hot set" sign. Why does nobody at Disney seem to care about such a blight in a park that they seem to have been trying to aesthetically improve?

cjkeating22 days ago

I always thought your profile picture was a Thrawn cosplay? No?

Captain Neo22 days ago

Educate yourself

Disnutz31122 days ago

Yeah, I do believe I am not "making things up" but more so posing thoughts and asking questions which is what these forums are about. Some of my statements are even facts like they need to keep up with crowd occupancy and that would make a large bit of land in the future for expansion.

scottieRoss22 days ago

let's just make up things

Disnutz31122 days ago

Star Tours is great but it use to be amazing. The tech is old and with MFSR right down the way in Galaxy's Edge it is essential the same type of ride. There are a few reasons it is still around... Is there a deal with George Lucas that was signed upon development that it never closes that we don't know about. Like Spielberg and ET over at Universal. Disney needs attractions and occupancy in HS so it stays for now and I think that is what we are seeing. Disney has no idea what to do with it is is another likely scenario. I would love to see it turned into a zany muppets ride and become part of that land but it's a little too far removed to connect without major changes Lastly, Disney certainly has no idea what to do with this section of the park, but with a Indy ride going into DAK now does this open up a large area for further expansion? Yes I know the stunt show is a crowd gobbler that the park needs and I love it just like you all do. But the park is not about the studios anymore. Yes, I also know that an expansion/redo of Animation Courtyard is desperately needed before this area. But in 2035 (knowing how slow Disney moves) this space does open up a huge track of land for something new. And that is without moving and backstage for even more.

EeyoreFan#2422 days ago

I too like Star Tours and never want it to be replaced as it is a staple of the parks history (and still a good ride), but practically, the park is chipping away at the necessity of that whole area. Indiana Jones - May be redundant if the AK plans come to life Backlot Express - Holdout from the MGM theming Star Tours - SWGE obviously I like all three, but i fear its just a matter of time (and it could be only another 1 or 2 D23 cycles) until that is the next land announced to be developed.

scottieRoss22 days ago

And now we just make things up

tcool12322 days ago

I know that, but your post clearly mentioned recent movies. Those were two of the rcecent movies that did not receive a “commercial”

Captain Neo23 days ago

Rogue One and Solo are movies not disney+ shows

tcool12323 days ago

Not to mention that this is the first time anything outside of the Skywalker Saga is being represented. Even Rogue One and Solo didn’t get representation in the ride when they released.

MagicHappens197123 days ago

If that was really true they would've had this ready for the show's premier.