Star Tours to be updated with new adventures in 2024 at Walt Disney World

Apr 09, 2023 in "Star Tours - The Adventures Continue"

Posted: Sunday April 9, 2023 12:05pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering today announced during the Star Wars Celebration 2023 in London that Star Tours at Disneyland park in California, Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, and Disneyland Paris in France will be updated in 2024.


Since it debuted at Disneyland in 1987 as the first Star Wars attraction in a Disney park, Star Tours has traveled to new places as this galaxy of stories expanded. That tradition continues next year with all new adventures coming to the popular Star Wars attraction. For now, Disney is staying tight-lipped on where the new destinations might be.

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FettFanApr 19, 2023

I too think they should move Star Tours into Galaxy's Edge.... Then they can transform the current ST area and IJ into a new immersive Indiana Jones area. Maybe transform the Backlot Express into the Marion's tavern from Raiders? Granted that would take money and effort. Lord knows they'd probably just build an Interdimensional Beings Flying Saucer spinner.

FettFanApr 19, 2023

Personally, I hope they bring back the original Death Star trench run. Having Boba Fett chase you into the Death Star under construction is neat and all, but it doesn't really have the same thrill as the original. Side note: what is the probability of getting the original trilogy when you board? The past few times I've done Star Tours, it always been set to Rise of Skywalker. Were they leaning harder into promoting the film by setting it in TROS more often, or did I just get the unlucky lottery ticket?

ChrisMApr 19, 2023

Disney will think they have cracked the issues with the first iteration by replacing the Hondo animatronic with an Alden Ehrenreich version of Han Solo and by placing a Porg animatronic front and center between the pilot and co-pilot controls. The mission will now be mining gas from Bespin, so all you see is color changing clouds, but you will get a brief audio clip of encouragement from Lando. Brilliant!

doctornickApr 11, 2023

Unless I'm misunderstanding, isn't this graph an apples to oranges comparison when looking at Season 3? The season is not even done yet, so to properly compare it to past seasons (or seasons of other shows) in terms of total minutes streamed, you'd have to wait until after all the episodes have dropped. A number of people just wait for the whole season to binge shows so we won't really know the total viewership for a while (the Nielsen data also lags a few weeks after episodes so we wouldn't really get those totals until something like ;late April/early May). I'm not saying viewership isn't down, but this seems overly dramatic as it is not an even comparison.

mickEbluApr 11, 2023

Star Wars and Marvel fatigue is a thing. You can’t pump out endless content without people getting a little tired of it. Mandalorian seasons 1 and 2 I pretty much watched every episode the day or day after it was released. I just watched episode 3 of this season today. So when I hear the numbers are down (if true) it makes sense to me. I think it has something to do with the time of year Mando is being released this season, overall Disney + Star Wars fatigue (I’d still run to the theatre to see a Skywalker saga type of Star Wars movie) and how much time has passed between Mandalorian seasons 2 and 3. Due to the episodic nature of the show it’s not like there’s some huge cliffhanger people are waiting for. Then again, I can’t even remember what happened at the end of Mandalorian season 2 and Book of Boba Fett at this point.

MisterPenguinApr 11, 2023

Yes, interest has waned. But, the 4 Billion minutes mark was enough to put those series in the weekly top ten. I count being in the top ten of all streaming series as good. I'm making a note here: huge success. Not as good as the first two seasons of Mando, but, still good.

Tha RealestApr 11, 2023

MisterPenguinApr 11, 2023


Tha RealestApr 11, 2023

It seems The Book of Boba Fett really damaged the brand. I do hope Ashoka is good, as I loved Rebels and Thrawn is one of my favorite characters.

FigmentFan82Apr 11, 2023

This makes no sense at all. Are all these people you know some type of psychics? Is that how they know the contents of an episode of TV that they've never seen before? I'm sorry but your bubble is not as big as you think. And overall popularity of a show, specifically something like a Star Wars show, has many other avenues of gauging it's popularity other than what day 1 viewing numbers are. If someone can't control themselves to not read or view reviews of an episode of TV before they've actually watched it for themselves, then that's a them problem, not a DIsney problem.

StupidoApr 11, 2023

Again, I don't know why you're making this a "me" issue. I'm usually one of the clowns up at 3am watching. What I said was that many people I know have specifically told me they're not watching Disney+ Programing because it drops too late, and by time they wake up they feel like they already know everything that happened in the episode. And the viewership numbers are not "fine." Do some research on Mandalorian numbers, this season premier was watched by half a million less households than the season 2. There are many articles about how Mandalorian is underperforming, and showing signs of Star Wars fatigue. Look at Disney+'s other main franchise, Marvel. The last 3 shows (Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She Hulk) all underperformed to the point that Marvel has pushed back almost all of the rest of the shows that were slated to debut this year. None of these shows are trending and generating the online chatter that they should be, and many content reviewers have been even skipping reviewing the two most recent Mandalorian episodes because they're not seeing worthwhile engagement on their Mado videos lately. People not caring to tune into the content is a major issue for a streaming service that's still in the red. Again, all I offered was a suggestion to entice viewership. Maybe it's not the most perfect solution, but at least I contiributed to the conversation in a meaningful way that wasn't just personally attacking people. Have a good one.

FigmentFan82Apr 11, 2023

The watch numbers are fine. Disney doesn’t need to cater to your schedule. If you don’t like the content, watch something else

MisterPenguinApr 11, 2023

"Somewhat reputable" also means "somewhat disreputable." According to Motley Foo about 6 years ago, ESPN cord cutting has already bankrupted Disney by now. They author didn't even bother to lay out the history of Capex spending on the parks, which one would think would be expected of a financial analysis site and easily researched in the yearly financial reports. Total clickbait. Totally disreputable.

The Empress LillyApr 11, 2023

To take your question literally: ST is still open precisely because of what's happening now: it can promote upcoming SW content. I usually prefer the parks to be their own thing, and not just an IP vehicle. But ST functions very well as a synergy entity.