The future of Star Tours, Star Wars Launch Bay and Star Wars shows at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Mar 07, 2019 in "Star Tours - The Adventures Continue"

Posted: Thursday March 7, 2019 1:21pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge on August 29 2019, guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios will have a land dedicated Star Wars, but how does that leave the park's other Star Wars attractions?

The answer is, at least for the foreseeable future, that they will all remain open. 

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular, Star Wars Launch Bay and Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away are all planned to remain open in addition to the brand new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

We've been told that Disney sees the existing offerings as a celebration of the Star Wars universe, including the original movies and sequels. Whereas Galaxy's Edge is an all new offering where guests get to be part of a new story.

With huge crowds expected for Galaxy's Edge, the park will certainly need every inch of available capacity.

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MisterPenguinApr 05, 2024

They're too busy mining goldfish to unlock the higher levels of Star Tours.

Marc Davis FanApr 05, 2024

This is interesting, as I've seen the opposite. Every time I go to Disneyland, Star Tours has a fairly long wait for most of the day (usually comparable with Big Thunder), and most notably, riders seem to be having a lot of fun (e.g., they often clap, and when I was there a few weeks ago someone commented at the end "that was a WOW ride!"). As noted, the DHS version has 33% more capacity. But here's what's really interesting and strange to me... and I was just thinking about this a few days ago... when I ride Star Tours at DHS (rather than at DL or DLP), I'm much less satisfied/impressed - it feels much more "meh." Why would this be? I can think of two reasons: (1) The massive facade overhypes it; even for someone who has done it before, that may unconsciously "frame" my experience. (2) At the same time, the facade is also thematically weak and immersion-breaking: when it was obviously a "movie set," it made sense, but now that they've removed the "movie set" cues, it just looks like the kind of half-finished cheap decoration you'd find at a non-Disney park (and indeed, people in the queue make comments like "they didn't bother to finish the back of that?")... and now the contrast with Galaxy's Edge makes this even more noticeable. Together, I think these two things might be what make DHS's version feel like a weaker overall experience. It seems silly, but much of theme park design is about subtle cues that have a big impact...

MatheusPGApr 05, 2024

Speaking of Star Tours, does anyone know why Tokyo Disneyland never receives the new stories? It's not like OLC is not willing to invest in updates of their attractions...

RobbiemMar 19, 2024

That‘s a great idea. Retheme ant man/buzz to a clone wars shooter and the spinner to x wings around a death star and go all in

MatheusPGMar 05, 2024

They should have built Star Tours instead of Iron Man, and Rise of the Resistance instead of the Avengers E-Ticket ride. That, with Hyperspace Mountain and a few tweaks in the land, would have made for a much better and cohesive area than this new Tomorrowland that they mixed with Marvel...

Henry MysticMar 04, 2024

Iron Man Experience IMO is painfully mediocre and awful when compared to Star Tours. HKDL would actually have been improved a lot if it was actually decent.

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 24, 2024

This is the only way it would have worked and not having Mama Melrose's removed is make a tunnel on this side leading towards Batuu East and hugging the side of Muppetvision.

PizzaPlanetFeb 23, 2024

I still wish they would’ve rerouted the exit into Galaxy’s Edge to make it feel more connected.

The Empress LillyFeb 21, 2024

Yes, Iron Man is great! I am not into Marvel, I'm afraid that whole aspect is a bit lost on me. But for a superhero experience this attraction is surprisingly good. Just plain fun. A bit like the Iron Man movies then, which after a long delay I finally watched one day and which entertained me more than I care to admit to in public. Iron Man, just like ST, is all about the movement of the vehicle. A static video from inside the cabin doesn't capture the experience, that just make it look like a rich nerd's home cinema basement.

Casper GutmanFeb 19, 2024

Getting rid of Star Tours would be nuts. It's the best Star Wars ride they have.

SailorMercuryFeb 19, 2024

Eson from Cosmic Rewind is a redesigned version of the celestial from the Infinity Stone exposition from the first GotG movie. That and The Collector are the closest we’re gonna ever get lmao

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 19, 2024

I would think it would have been exciting as Body Wars when it first opened....Which is saying a lot.. Imagine if Body Wars did other journeys instead of looking close to a splinter...

MatheusPGFeb 19, 2024

Star Tours is a fantastic ride, for me a must-ride at Hollywood Studios/Disneyland/Disneyland Paris. Star Tours is also much better than MF Smugglers Run.

SpectreJordanFeb 19, 2024

Is the Iron Man version good? It doesn't seem too impressive in videos, but I guess Star Tours wouldn't either. I wish these Marvel rides Disney makes would use actual villains. The heroes are always fighting generic bad guys instead of characters people actually know. The Iron Man ride should have him fighting like Crimson Dynamo or Ultron or something.