Disney launches a $500 Star Wars augmented reality experience

Aug 03, 2016 in "Star Tours - The Adventures Continue"

Posted: Wednesday August 3, 2016 8:19am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is launching a $500 in-room celebration later this month, featuring an augmented reality Star Wars Rebels interactive adventure.

Available for guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels, the adventure begins with the resort room decorated with an Imperial recruitment banner. The story goes that the Rebel Alliance has infiltrated the room, leaving gear and tech to help on a secret mission for the Rebellion. Through augmented reality on a smartphone, Ezra Bridger (from the TV series, Star Wars Rebels) guides the players on an undercover mission. Slipping on the included Imperial Security Officer disguise, they'll head to Star Tours-The Adventures Continue attraction where hidden data they're carrying will be transmitted in hyperspace.

Once the mission's completed, they'll be directed to their resort room to unlock a mysterious box holding a rebel medal of honor, like the one in the film Star Wars: A New Hope.

Theme park tickets are required and not included, as is an iPhone or Android device.

You can order the Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure now online, available from August 15 2016.

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Thomas KillingerJan 30, 2018

Okay , first thing missing is they set it up in your room. $$$. Then actual submersible time. To adults a couple hours go fast but kids it's like a week. $$$$. The realiztion that you actually get to go on a mission! $$$

ford91exploderAug 09, 2016

Subtle you are not ... :-)

note2001Aug 09, 2016

I thank Disney for offering their wonderful celebration options. While I consider myself to be creative and resourceful, sometimes it takes seeing things as done by another to come up with even better ideas on my own. Disney's offerings include some cheap in-room items such as a banner, hats, plastic toys and cheaply made carry pouches, topped off with a video or two, and a 'medal'. Most of these items will go home only to gather dust until they day they are tossed out. It takes a bit of prep time at home, but for less, I can put together a Star Wars themed kit in a reusable, quality backpack my child will use throughout the school year (adhere a rebellion logo?), A lego fighter, some well thought out 'missions' popped onto a thumb drive which will play like the intro to any of the SW movies, and finish it up with an ice cream party, light sabre and whatever else. The best part, other than saving money, is the knowledge that I've tailored the experience to my child and most of the items will be kept and used by my child throughout the years that follow.

21stampsAug 09, 2016

That's how the one I'm doing is set up. I wish if you were buying one "experience" that you could choose individual items from another as well. Ours comes with Minnie Mouse items that a 6 year old boy probably won't care about, but if I could throw something Star Wars themed from the list as well it would be perfect. Maybe in the next month they'll realize that Christmas/Star Wars combo could be a hit.

jmeAug 09, 2016

All of the individual items have the disclaimer This product is only available when purchased with an In-Room Celebration. So, you have to buy the full bundle, and they are all add-ons. My point was that even they only value the package at $133 less than they are charging when you break it down.

dreamfinderAug 09, 2016

I think all of those costume/prop bits were add ons only. Meant for parties who need/want to outfit multiple people in the party.

21stampsAug 09, 2016

None of their packages are that price. This one is on par with all of their choices. It's a little more, $50, because, well, it's Star Wars.. And that's a premium right now. Can you purchase it all individually, or are they add ons? I didn't check. I wish you could mix and match the packages.. They need to come out with a Star Wars themed Christmas option.

jmeAug 09, 2016

I mean, the prices are already marked up for the individual items, but upcharging $133 on top of that to get the full package is insanity.

dreamfinderAug 08, 2016

Looks like the standard florist markup to me. I can always buy like 4x the amounts of identical flowers + vase for what the florist would charge for an arrangement.

AshaNeOmahAug 08, 2016

You're not missing anything, Floral and Gifts just bumbled on the price. Use of the app and delivery to your room is nearly $150. I don't see how anyone could justify that price. The package should be priced at $299 or $349 and include a free FastPass for Star Tours for your party.

jmeAug 08, 2016

You are also able to buy almost all of the items individually (in case you have another child that can't be left out, I assume). Here's the price breakdown Package includes the following items: Disguise $86.99 •(1) Imperial Security Satchel •(1) Imperial Rank Bar •(1) Set of Rebel of Diversion Tattoos •(1) Imperial Security Cap •(1) Empire Door Banner $81.99 •(4) Empire Recruitment Posters $33.99 •(1) Rebel Utility Blanket $28.99 •(1) Medal of Bravery with box and fabric wrap $53.99 •(1) Rebel Data Card Lanyard $9.99 •(1) Holocron $27.99 •(1) Kanan’s Lightsaber $24.99 •(1) Star Wars Rebel Journal $17.99 SUBTOTAL: $366.91 Item included I was not able to add separately: •(1) Wayfinder set and Mission Briefing $?.?? Either I'm missing something, or the mission briefing must be $133.09 to make up the rest of the $500 price tag. NOTE: Local delivery is available for ~$10 to offsite locations, so, it's not that.

brifrazAug 07, 2016

Much to my surprise, the first I heard of this beyond @wdwmagic was a friend who is going in the fall with a 4 year old son. They are planning to get it. I questioned them on the cost and value of it and the comparison they made was to a birthday party - they made a pretty sound argument. A lot people pay that kind of money for a location and activity for a few hours on a birthday with a group of the kid's friends. All they take home is pictures of the fun (well, and the presents from the other kids). For this, they are getting the decorations, costume, lightsaber, satchel, holocron, medal, and journal plus the pictures of the fun. They see this as a much better value than a birthday party for a little kid who is obsessed with all things Star Wars. While I would never in my life pay for this (and I'm pretty Star Wars obsessed), I can see their point.

V_L_RaptorAug 07, 2016

Probably even less than $75, when you consider that a lot of these snacks are pretty cheap over at the local Big Lots or Sam's.

LongLiveTheKingAug 06, 2016

Here's the thing with this game. I get that Disney parks in itself, day to week long vacations for a large price, inherently are not exactly good value propositions in terms of cost when compared to something permenent like electronics like your house. We're talking about a video game, though, and I could have bought an XBOX One at launch for $500. I would have been super interested in Adventure Land Trading Co and the Frontierland game for their price points because that was reasonable. This Star Wars game doesn't even look that good enough for a typical $60 price tag on a AAA game that cost tens of millions of dollars to make, and this cheap game they have has the audacity to charge $500 for some souvineers and an app game? Joke's on you. Storm Trooper armor hasn't deflected crap in any of the movies.