Splash Mountain added to the evening Extra Magic Hours line-up

Jun 15, 2015 in "Splash Mountain"

Posted: Monday June 15, 2015 10:36am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Splash Mountain has been added to the Magic Kingdom evening Extra Magic Hours line-up.

Although the EMH line-up has varied over the years, Splash Mountain has surprisingly not been in the line-up for several years now.

Splash Mountain remains unavailable during morning EMH.


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Nubs70Jun 16, 2015

Night is the best time to rode Splash. The queue area with all the unique light fixtures and string lights is beautiful. I would like to replicate the lighting in my backyard but I only have one tree.

James O. IncandenzaJun 16, 2015

He really sold the lie though - that's real Disney Magic!

articosJun 15, 2015

That's a cast member who was saying nonsense.

PhotoDave219Jun 15, 2015

People dont ride Splash when its cold out.

James O. IncandenzaJun 15, 2015

When SM was closed a few weeks ago during EMH a cast member explained to me they needed to close it at midnight because the water needed filtering but this makes no sense since I'm pretty sure it uses the same water as POTC which is open during EMH.

djlaoscJun 15, 2015

I think it was after the Enchanted Tiki Room refurbishment, as that is what replaced it.

RinxJun 15, 2015

GOOD!! Hopefully it's not just for the summer and at least as long as Pirates will be down.

FutureWorld1982Jun 15, 2015

It must have been removed from the schedule earlier this month, then.

WDWVolFanJun 15, 2015

Splash was open in late May during the evening hours of EMH. We rode it.

Kate AlanJun 15, 2015

I wouldn't have thought that many people would want to ride a water ride in the dark? It's actually pretty fun in the dark. And if you can time it right and ride while the fireworks are going off, it's fantastic.

MansionButler84Jun 15, 2015

At night this time of year it's still 87 degrees. Wet is fine. This is just for the time during which Pirates is closed.

Jon81ukJun 15, 2015

But being wet at night from the Splash, do you dry out OK?

orky8Jun 15, 2015

Splash is awesome at night. You come around the corner and the castle is there all lit up. The ride itself is all lit, as well.

Jon81ukJun 15, 2015

I wouldn't have thought that many people would want to ride a water ride in the dark?