'Points of Light' at EPCOT now wrap nearly all the way around Spaceship Earth

Apr 30, 2021 in "Spaceship Earth"

Spaceship Earth point of lights installation - April 28 2021
Posted: Friday April 30, 2021 10:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new 'Points of Light' installation is continuing at a rapid pace on the exterior of Spaceship Earth as work continues on the "Beacons of Magic' lighting show.

The lights are now clearly visible from the main entrance of the park on the northern side of Spaceship Earth.

They now wrap around almost the entire mid-section of Spaceship Earth, spanning the east, north and west sides.

While most of the lights are located in the middle sections, we still do not see any installed in the lower sections.

Concept art of the lighting shows what we can expect when the effect goes live later this year for the start of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebrations.


According to Imagineer Zach Riddley, "Her classic look will be maintained and accentuated through new colors and intensity in programmed expressions that extend into the new main entrance fountain and the entire World Celebration area."

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Father Robinson1 day ago

When I saw that I was hoping it meant the palms they were talking about flanked SSE just like when the park opened. I'm glad they're back near the line for SSE though, but got my hopes up too quick.

atighe421 day ago

So the palm trees are back???

RSoxNo11 day ago

J.J. Abrahms would be proud.

Crazydisneyfanluke1 day ago

It's the new beacon of light show! ;)

G00fyDad1 day ago

Disney Analyst1 day ago

I think they could get it a bit brighter. We need more power Scotty!

mightynine1 day ago

EeyoreFan#242 days ago

What happens when the Epcot sun gets into the Epcot black hole next door. UOEs revenge!

mightynine2 days ago

So that's how they are going to hide the barges and stargate, by blinding you upon entry!

michmousefan2 days ago

Looks like half a Pepsi logo. Thankfully Club Cool is a Coke thing, don't want anyone to get any ideas...

ImperfectPixie2 days ago


wdwmagic2 days ago

Yeah the camera has just blown all that out. Don’t think any conclusion can be made about anything from that shot, other than half of them turn on lol

ctrlaltdel2 days ago

Disney has built the ultimate weapon, and it's been right in front of us this whole time...

Thelazer2 days ago

Led's at full power are bright as hell... especially if they have a narrow lens.