Spaceship Earth at EPCOT closing for brief refurbishment in July

Jul 14, 2023 in "Spaceship Earth"

Posted: Friday July 14, 2023 6:38pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

According to the Walt Disney World operating calendar, Spaceship Earth at EPCOT will be closed Wednesday July 19, reopening to guests on July 20, 2023.

Disney has not provided any details on the closure, but the short notice and brief downtime suggests some type of urgent maintenance.

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DreamfinderGuyJul 26, 2023

They fixed Michelangelo and apparently did some light touch ups around the ride, nothing really of note beyond that.

muddyriversJul 26, 2023

So, do we know if anything changed or why the ride was closed?

ThelazerJul 15, 2023

You know, honestly I'm glad they don't do anything with it. I'll take it in all it's dusty dated glory. Because, the alternative... far worse if the stick with the normal playbook.

ppete1975Jul 15, 2023

General maint that cant be put off due to safety and semi reliability. They have no interest in doing anything else until they decide what to do with it going forward.

LilofanJul 15, 2023

Dust off the cobwebs

FoodRockzJul 15, 2023

Let's all hope it isn't to fix the AC at the top. That's where I go to do my hot yoga during my WDW vacations.

Remember MeJul 15, 2023

I wonder how much longer they can put off the big refurb. The track is clunky and noisy.

UNCgolfJul 15, 2023

Yeah, it's kind of amazing that despite everything they've done to the ride (or haven't done, in terms of maintenance), it's still the best attraction at EPCOT and one of the best at WDW overall.

WorldExplorerJul 15, 2023

No complaints. This sounds like way too short of a time to ruin anything.

JoeCamelJul 15, 2023

Added something - (spend the money/take the hit) Josh it will be OK

Ricky SpanishJul 15, 2023

SSE is gonna be closed……thank the Phoenicians.

SmugpugmugJul 15, 2023

Hope this means we'll finally get to see the paper boy's face! /s

SquishyJul 15, 2023

Finally the long awaited refurbishment! Cant wait for the new scenes they promised, will be there July 20th to check it out 👍 /s

mightynineJul 15, 2023

Look, it takes a day to oil the track with this thing, ok?