Soarin' filming to take place at Walt Disney World in the near future

Apr 23, 2014 in "Soarin'"

For anyone who follows the rumor mill for Epcot, speculation surrounding updates to Soarin' have been around since nearly opening day.

The use of the film from Disney California Adventure was felt by many as a temporary stop gap until Disney could shoot a movie specifically for the Walt Disney World edition of Soarin', or a new version that could include both the east coast and west coast. We are now almost 10 years since opening, with the same California based film playing.

Well now it seems we are closer than ever to a new film for Epcot's Soarin'. In the next month, film crews working on the new film are planning flights over Walt Disney World, and specifically Epcot. It is speculated that this new footage will be part of a Soarin' over the World, which will include sights from around the world, including Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

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Article Posted: Apr 23, 2014 / 12:40pm EDT