Soarin Annual Passholder preview photos

Apr 16, 2005 in "Soarin'"

Posted: Saturday April 16, 2005 by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Annual Passholder previews are underway this weekend, and whilst not complete, The Land has been opened up to allow guests to enter Soarin'. The Land has received a makeover, similar in style to the Soarin' queue area, with a fresh, modern feel. The main changes have been:

  • New signage throughout
  • New color scheme throughout, more in keeping with the Soarin' queue
  • Metal railings around the upper levels
  • Incorporation of the Soarin' queue
  • New seating areas (the tables have yet to be installed)
  • Sunshine Seasons food court has been changed to a modern Disney food court setup, where food from various stations is selected, and then paid for at a central location. Video screens (similar to the Mara at AKL) provide the menu selection.

WDI have done a great job of for providing a fresh update to The Land. Soarin' is an incredible ride, and combined with the new-look Land, this pavilion is going to be attracting some major crowds. It's good news for the Land and good news for Epcot.