VIDEO - New Frozen 2 inspired royal attire for Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus in Epcot

Nov 25, 2019 in "Royal Sommerhus"

Posted: Monday November 25, 2019 8:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Frozen 2 is out now in theaters, and debuting alongside the movie are new costumes for Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus.

You can meet the Frozen sisters daily at the Royal Sommerhus in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot.

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JoeCamelAug 17, 2022

Someone needs to mow the roof or get a goat up there

MisterPenguinAug 17, 2022

JoeCamelAug 16, 2022

That is what made my magic, catching those interactions over the years from afar, so special when they are all in

MisterPenguinAug 16, 2022

Tavernacle12Dec 02, 2019

I imagine/hope they’ll play with the costumes a bit in the future (they do for Mickey and friends). They still have a ton of the old ones, there’s no reason they can’t hop back and forth between the looks, and it’s not out of character for Anna at least to feel nostalgic. They could even do things seasonally (and throw in Coronation Anna for good measure). I think the new Elsa look is good, but Anna’s new outfit doesn’t look great on all her friends.

ImperfectPixieDec 01, 2019

I actually think both of their hair looks much more realistic and less like wigs.

WDW_EmilyDec 01, 2019

After watching this and Tim and Trackers video I feel like Anna and Elsa lost their "fun". Anna seems a lot calmer maybe now since she has the responsibilities of ruling the kingdom and Elsa is just bland (could have just been those friends). Also, I love Elsa's hair in the movie however I'm not loving this down look on her at the M&G.

larryzNov 27, 2019

Also reported.

larryzNov 27, 2019


larryzNov 26, 2019

This M&G will be popular with Frozen fans of all ages.

No NameNov 26, 2019

Anna as queen really isn’t a major plot point nor does it reveal any major story or themes. Nor does the entire movie but that’s a larger issue altogether. If I saw Anna as queen, I would first think Elsa must have died, and then I’d remember Disney has no guts. She even sounded like a ghost. I’d like to think she did become a ghost.

danitaytayNov 26, 2019

I just saw Frozen 2, and while I think all of the new costumes are beautifully designed, they should stick with the originals in the M&G. It's more identifiable to park guests and for someone (like me) who saw these pictures before I saw the movie tonight (on accident), it completely spoiled the ending. If Disney felt the need to do this, they should've at least waited until the New Year to give at least a majority of its guests a chance to see the movie first. But that being said, I hope they switch back to the OG soon.

ThatMouseNov 25, 2019

I think we all knew Anna was going to be queen, because Elsa is crazy. Goes out into the snow and builds an igloo?? No a castle made of ice. By a lake where you can catch fish? No in the mountains where there is no food and the toilet seats are very cold. Elsa probably ends up sacrificing herself in Wicked 2, I mean Frozen 2.

ThatMouseNov 25, 2019

Hrmmm not the tight fitting "leggings as pants" as seen in the previews...