Replacement for IllumiNations Reflections of Earth confirmed to debut in 2019

Sep 17, 2018 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Disney has today announced a timeline for the replacement of Epcot's nightly firework spectacular IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Reflections of Earth will play through to the end of summer 2019, with the new show to debut immediately following the conclusion of "IllumiNations."

No other details were provided, but various sources have indicated to us that drones will be part of the new show, and expect to see familiar Disney characters and stories as part of the show.

Reflections of Earth debuted in October 1999 as part of the Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration, and carried forward the long standing tradition of the IllumiNations nighttime spectacular.

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Article Posted: Sep 17, 2018 / 3:06pm ET

marni197122 hours ago

You’re not meant to see Fantasmic infrastructure in the daytime ;)

peter1143522 hours ago

Is it any different or worse from the facility and infrastructure required for something like Fantasmic!

MisterPenguin23 hours ago

A night show has to compete with MK's HEA and hang onto Epcot guests into the night for the sake of all the restaurants.

hodgkin23 hours ago

I love fireworks shows more than the next person but I wanted to ask a question. By the looks of what we have seen and heard, this show looks like to have a lot of new infrastructure/props that I could only imagine what the cost is to build. Does anyone else think that this is an overkill of money for a 15-20 minute end of show night. I just feel like they could of spent some of that money on the rest of park and had a little less of a night show. I know in in the terms of money, this show is probably nothing for Disney pockets but we all know that is not how things work in the business world. Not that I'm right or wrong nor will it have any impact on what they do I just think it's a lot of money for only being used such a small part of the night. Thanks for Listening!

Movielover1 day ago


wishiwere@wdw3 days ago

Goodyear blimp has been hovering over world showcase lagoon tonight. And because I’m just overly optimistic and maybe a little crazy, I start thinking maybe there will be impromptu fireworks tonight. And yeah, my wife thinks I’m crazy πŸ˜‚. Wishful thinking I know! The lack of any prep and no techs out tells me the obvious answer though lol. Still nice to be out at night but they really need pyro. At least light the torches!

pyroPat4 days ago

NFPA 1123 governs outdoor aerial effects and NFPA 1126 for proximate effects. In 1123, 70 ft per inch in diameter of shell for a safety radius from location of launch point. Note that some municipalities can increase the minimum required safety distance to an amount greater than NFPA 1123, but NFPA 1123 is the baseline standard. Additionally, not that it would be needed here, but there can be a 1/3 offset for mortars that are angled. Pretty easy to be able to shoot 4” shells from WSL.

IMDREW4 days ago

One of my favorite parts of ROE was the large firework shells exploding on the water. It was also so unique to Epcot. I take it those will not be returning with those big screens on the lagoon?

jrhwdw4 days ago

Nothing on Twitter about tonight. ???

jrhwdw4 days ago

Hasn't Epoct always had good sized high pyro? Going all the way back to 1988 IllumiNations? Maybe even earlier??? Sorry but I don't get the shell size discussion.

Figments Friend4 days ago

I am currently in the Parks. Heard this morning while here through someone that more fireworks are being shot off tonight at Epcot. Wanted to post here in case it hasn't be shared here....not sure yet if it's hearsay or happening. Currently standing in a brutal queue in the sun at DHS ( 'Runaway Railway ' ) so can't throughly check previous posts. Discard if 'old news'.... -

mnelson34 days ago

Hope that continues in Harmonious. And a full holiday version πŸ™‚

wdwmagic4 days ago

I am always surprised buy the size of the stuff they can get away with for July 4 and NYE in the lagoon.

Magic Feather4 days ago

Epcot has limits on shell size due to the fact that they are pretty low and surrounded by people. MK can, and does use, much larger shells. The new DHS facility was designed to do the same... until it started causing fires and one landed on World Dr.