Replacement for IllumiNations Reflections of Earth confirmed to debut in 2019

Sep 17, 2018 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Monday September 17, 2018 3:06pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced a timeline for the replacement of Epcot's nightly firework spectacular IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Reflections of Earth will play through to the end of summer 2019, with the new show to debut immediately following the conclusion of "IllumiNations."

No other details were provided, but various sources have indicated to us that drones will be part of the new show, and expect to see familiar Disney characters and stories as part of the show.

Reflections of Earth debuted in October 1999 as part of the Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration, and carried forward the long standing tradition of the IllumiNations nighttime spectacular.

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wdwmagic1 hour ago


rioriz1 hour ago

It's not one I've heard before. It started abruptly and ended abruptly. A lot louder than anything else I hear around the lagoon.

marni19711 hour ago

I’ve no idea. I don’t believe we’ve seen them working yet.

wdwmagic2 hours ago

Is it the cavalcade music?

rioriz2 hours ago

Currently staring at the "Mistake on the lake" they just started playing a loud and fanciful score while workers around the area. I wonder if this is one of the songs that will be featured in the daytime show. I've never heard it before until now

mnelson32 hours ago

@marni1971 when do you expect the daytime fountains to officially debut? When Harmonious debuts or EF?

NelsonRD2 hours ago

Yes, that is correct, in my opinion, fireworks alone, and firework heavy shows, are dated. What are you reaching for with your reference on going back to normal? That was odd.

jrhwdw2 hours ago

If fireworks are dated....I guess Universal/SWO's pyro is dated and going back to normal is dated as well!! And THAT doesn't help any of us!!!!!

NelsonRD3 hours ago

I agree, that I did not initially recall the launchers from before, therefore they must have not have been that bad. Is the plastic shield an addition that caught my eye? Maybe it is less of a focus in person, which I said I will judge when i see it myself in July. Maybe this wasn't the right bone to pick over visible infrastructure, but since it part of the same show that gave us the mistake on the lake as it has been called, I thought it was appropriate to point out that it seemed like a lack of effort to hide it, and firework shows in general, in my opinion, are dated. To light up the sky, let's move to a drone show - which they can do, like over Disney Springs.

Amused to Death3 hours ago

I don’t know about perfectly visible... this photo is out of focus. 😵‍😂

TrainChasers5 hours ago

oh I’m not forgetting. The first time they used those hub launches for the stretching room moment.... one of my favorite theme park memories of all time.

Disney Analyst5 hours ago

Are people already forgetting two of the greatest fireworks shows created?! Believe brought castle pyro to Disneyland, and then Remember surrounded the audience with it in the hub…

marni19715 hours ago

They’ve had roof launchers since Believe

TrainChasers5 hours ago

Some of the Disneyland shows have pyro launched over the castle like MK does. Disneyland had an entire “B” show for Disneyland forever that didn’t have any pyro from the main launch site (was actually a pretty cool show, I’m glad I saw it once... and only once cause the main show was of course better! :) The amount of money that went into hiding the fantasmic infrastructure at DL is the exact issue with harmonious. If all those light towers were left up all day at Disneyland... ewww and yet that’s exactly what’s happening at Epcot.