More 2000 show details emerging

Apr 07, 1999 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Wednesday April 7, 1999 by WDWMAGIC Staff
The laser barge (ball) in the middle of the lagoon will be replaced with a projection system using LED technology, similar to a giant laptop display (although much lower resolution, each pixel being 1"x2"). The size of the ball will remain much the same, due to size constraints in the marina and passing through the bridge to the lagoon.

The ball is raised about 10ft off the base, and has large petals that fold down to reveal some pyrotechnic elements.

Each laser booth will be upgraded to a 3 color laser unit.

The current show will go down on September 18 1999, and the new show will soft open September 19 1999.

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