Prince Charming Regal Carrousel scheduled for refurbishment

Feb 27, 2017 in "Prince Charming Regal Carrousel"

The Magic Kingdom's Prince Charming Regal Carrousel is scheduled for refurbishment later this spring.

According to the latest calendar, the closure of the Fantasyland attraction begins on April 24 through to May 18, reopening to guests May 19 2017.

Latest Walt Disney World refurbishments.

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Article Posted: Feb 27, 2017 / 2:00pm EST
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WDWtravelerApr 26, 2017

Photo update as of Wednesday, April 26.

Brent_SMar 01, 2017

Felt like a punch to the gut when I first saw the headline... and still not really relieved. Our last day for our trip is the day it's set to open again, hopefully it opens early or at least on time otherwise my daughter will be super bummed (see: avatar with her on said attraction).

MansionButler84Feb 28, 2017

I just wish the company would stop its #WarOnApostrophes

PiratesMansionFeb 28, 2017

I don't personally think that Prince Charming fits the theme BETTER than Cinderella. It's roughly equivalent. Even if it is technically "his castle" since he lived their first, again, it's not Prince Charming Castle. I personally find it overly wordy and forced, but obviously YMMV. Does the name really matter? Probably not. But they could easily come up with something less ridiculous IMO.

Simba's MomFeb 28, 2017

From what I've read here, I guess I was the only one who read about the refurbishment and went "Oh, no-PLEASE don't let it be during our vacation." Riding the carousel is such a tradition to me-it says "Now you're really at WDW". I ride it at least two consecutive times. And I love standing in line and pointing out Cinderella's horse to some little princess.

Ripken10Feb 28, 2017

So they changed the name to make it fit the theme better, and you think it is ridiculous. Just keeping track.

Animaniac93-98Feb 28, 2017

I thought the change was related to when there was going to be a Cinderella meet 'n greet in New Fantasyland (similar to Enchanted Tales with Belle) and they didn't want two attractions with Cinderella's name on them?

Minnie MumFeb 28, 2017

I really can't think of a single kid who gives a rodents red patootie about the name of a ride. All they care about is seeing a beautiful carousel and wanting to ride it. I doubt that many adults put much thought into the name of the ride, either. A rose by any other name...

PiratesMansionFeb 28, 2017

I apologize if that was not in fact the reason, but I know that people were definitely saying as such when the name change happened. I maintain regardless that the name is completely ridiculous. No one cares about Prince Charming, even if it is "his" carousel.

peter11435Feb 28, 2017

It wasn't the reason...

MansionButler84Feb 28, 2017

That's not true. They changed it because it's actually his castle, and his father's before him. He would have the horses, not Cinderella. One conspiracy theory down.

LAKid53Feb 28, 2017

And it'd be a more exciting ride.....

Fox&HoundFeb 28, 2017

I gotcha. Sorry, I did not follow. Yeah, especially since Prince Charming is so underdeveloped in that movie- it seems like the natural connection would be to Cinderella, although, it really doesn't fit that movie at all. If we were riding giant mice while being chased by a demonic cat then sure....

TP2000Feb 28, 2017

If that was really the reason they changed the name, that was a decision made by people who have never been a boy, don't know any boys, and don't know how to contact any boys to ask them for advice on being a boy.