Primeval Whirl removed from the Disney's Animal Kingdom digital guide map

Dec 16, 2021 in "Primeval Whirl"

Posted: Thursday December 16, 2021 10:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The digital guide map for Disney's Animal Kingdom has been updated and with it comes the removal of Primeval Whirl.

With the coaster gone, the former Primeval Whirl site is now shown as a landscaped area with grass and trees. The paper version continues to show Primeval Whirl and has not been updated.

The rollercoaster in DinoLand U.S.A. was announced to be permanently closed in the summer of 2020 following years of seasonal operation.

Disney is yet to comment on plans for the site,  but we understand there are several different scenarios for the redevelopment of the area, which may hear more about at the D23 EXPO in September 2022. Some of the plans call for a complete rework of the area, which would see the end of Dino-Rama.

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Aaronardo9 days ago

Are we comparing the popularity of Zootopia to that of the movie that was so massive it convinced theaters across America to invest in 3D-capable digital projectors?

BrianLo10 days ago

Actually, it was the 10th most streamed movie in 2020 (for all streamers). Five years after release. The only 'old' movies on that list were Moana and Zootopia. Surprisingly it overtook Frozen 1, but I doubt that's generally held? I presume it's still hanging out somewhere just below the cusp more often than not. I don't think the movie is quite as dead as people think it is. Edit: "Old" movie wise, Frozen and Coco overtook it in 2021, which makes sense to me.

Touchdown11 days ago

2021 marvel slate was mostly duds (Spider-Man being the exception.). I think this year will be quite different Strange is getting good reviews, Thor looks fantastic, and Wakanda Forever has the same creative team back so I expect greatness there as well.

Rich Brownn11 days ago

I tho=ink the reason for its staying power is, although it's basis is superheroes, the tone of the individual films are quite different. War movie, buddy film, heist film, comedy, family drama, and now horror.

UNCgolf11 days ago

It's not like the MCU has always been massive hits either -- every movie has been a success, but it's not like they all brought in 1 billion+ like the last couple of Avengers films and a couple of other culturally significant titles. A lot of the standalone films were still hits but modestly so (relatively speaking) compared to the giant blockbusters. My guess is it will slow down to an extent, both because of the tremendous amount of content and because the characters aren't as well-known (other than when they start making X-Men films, and I guess the Fantastic Four). I think there will be an increase in the number of films that are just minor successes. But it's certainly not going anywhere.

RSoxNo111 days ago

The MCU does run the risk of fatigue though. 3 movies a year was sustainable but add in Disney+ series alongside it and the only possible recourse is fatigue. I'm not saying they shouldn't do it or that I'm against the content, but ultimately that ship will sale. Pixar was box office gold for a long stretch at one point as well.

MagicHappens197111 days ago

Marvel is not going anywhere. People forget Star Wars has been around and quite prevalent in pop culture for nearly 50 years. It’s safe to say that Marvel will stay the same, especially considering the largest media company in the world owns both franchises.

Rich Brownn11 days ago

Scary piece of trivia: Marvel is already knee deep in planning the next 10 years of movies and tv shows.

HauntedPirate12 days ago

Ok, I did some digging and found the source of the Zootopia news, in a waste basket somewhere in the vicinity of TDA in Burbank, CA.

Disney Maddux12 days ago

Oh no.

MisterPenguin12 days ago

Jump onto here:

Disney Maddux12 days ago

I see we're coming full circle now. (if you know me, I think you know ;))

pdude8112 days ago

This certainly isn't the first time we've talked about it.

Door Coaster12 days ago

Iiiis it OK if I make a thread about the Zootopia rumor?