Pirates of the Caribbean story expands with new lounge experience coming to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

23 days ago in "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Posted: Saturday September 9, 2023 11:10am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new Pirates of the Caribbean-themed lounge is coming to Adventureland at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. 

Disney says this first-of-its-kind experience will extend the story of Pirates of the Caribbean, and Imagineers are in the design process now, with more details coming in the future. Disney did reveal one small detail - the Barker Bird animatronic (pictured in the concept art) will make a welcome return.

The most likely location for the new lounge is the former Pirates League makeover experience space.

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SilentWindODoom20 days ago

The Dead Men Tell No Tales with associated sound clip and possibly talking skull. The Dunking Mayor. Water squirts out a bust of his head and into a bucket. The Burning City could be the volcano bowl. The windows go red with some Rome Burning pumped in. The Dog Bone with an ingredient being guarded by an animatronic Walt that the bartender must coax with a whistle. (Is Walt the dog's name in Pirates canon, or am I just remembering the Monkey Island gag and thinking it's official?) The Redhead and everyone chants. I know there's history there, but it might be a thing they'd be find skirting around in an adult establishment. Or maybe the Larbord Side? :hilarious: The Yo-Ho seems like a slam dunk, but there's no way they let it fly. Boy, I thought I'd have a full menu, but when I think of the iconic things in Pirates to me, they're either inappropriate (the last two, the pirates chasing women) or wholely unappealing (The Hair Leg or The Really Bad Egg). I even watched a ride-through. I really had to stretch to get two good ones, one stretch (which immediately conjured an idea for an associated act that would necessitate CM's affecting a fake Spanish accent), and one terrible name.

jpinkc21 days ago

AWWWW My kids loved that when they were small. My daughter even got them to make her into a Mermaid Pirate LOL

larryz21 days ago

They need a drink called "The Pirate's Life."

SilentWindODoom21 days ago

I'm assuming from the location that this is going to be a Pirate version of Trader Sam's. Given how the lines can grow for Trader Sam's, having a second location of the type with a theme that can appeal to the same base sounds like a good idea. Can probably even reuse a lot of the same drinks. 3/4 of the Trader Sam's drinks are rum drinks.

Animaniac93-9821 days ago

Featuring such house specialties as the Chili Dog Milkshake and Burnt Steak Skippy

larryz21 days ago

I'm waiting for Stitch's Bar and Grill to open up in Tomorrowland...

AmigoRick21 days ago

I would rather see a character dining experience restaurant themed to POTC with Dock leading out to a gangplank type entrance onto the deck of the Black Pearl. Dining on the deck with a themed dinner show with Barbosa, Jack, Will, etc. There could be a little comedy, a little dancing by the crew, some sword fights and end up with Jack Sparrow back at the helm as Captain. The show could be in the style of the "Hoop De Doo" show. Just my opinion. For what its worth, my opinion and a couple of bucks will buy a cup of coffee!

Animaniac93-9823 days ago

That would be Laffite's Portrait Deck The Pirates Arcade / Laffite's Portrait Deck Opened: Late 1974 Closed: Late 90s Became: Merchandise Stock Room Many of you know about or remember the House of Treasure, but have you thought of the gift shop on the other side of the Plaza recently? In late 1974, this small space, tucked between the main walkway of Caribbean Plaza and the restrooms, had replaced The Safari Club and become Adventureland's main arcade. Around 1978, the Pirate Arcade changed names, and was now known as Caverna De Los Pirates. By 1980, the arcade games were cleared out. What replaced it was an uncharge experience where guests could don pirate garb and get their photos taken in front of two backdrops: a tropical beach overflowing with treasure, or the deck of a sailing galleon. Similar to a photo experience on Main Street and frankly probably "inspired" by Knott's Berry Farm, Lafitte's Portrait Deck hung around at least until the early 90s. Originally featuring sculpted pirates, the location later began printing cartoon characters on top of photos, such a pirate Mickey and the Little Mermaid. By the mid-90s, Lafitte's Portrait Deck had become an unnamed side-adjunct to the Plaza Del Sol Caribe, selling pirate swords, hats, and other stuff. In the late 90s, it was closed and became a merchandise stock room.

SirLink23 days ago

I view all Star Wars Cantinas being ran by an eastern european sounding alien it just works ... better.

hopemax23 days ago

Of course it is. Because people will naturally like it, and you wouldn't want to have enough space to handle a lot of people for concepts that people like. You need to make it small that people will fall over themselves trying to get a dining reservation, and a million vloggers will post about it and it becomes some sort of status of if you can get in or not. And for the alcohol they would need a more walled location than Tortuga, lest people stroll out into Adventureland, drinks in hand.

MisterPenguin23 days ago

MisterPenguin23 days ago

Sure they can. PotC is in New Orleans Square in DL. So, starting across from PoTC, you can have New Orleans Square wrap all the way around toward and past TBA. Then the entire Tortuga/Pecos complex becomes Tiana's Palace.

wdwmagic23 days ago

Yep it's really a money printing machine. Reservations, limited time allowance, and pricey pre-made drinks for rapid turn around.

DisneyDreamerxyz23 days ago

Very random but we’ll take it! Sounds like an in park Trader Sams