Peter Pan's Flight Closing for Updates at Walt Disney World This Summer

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Posted: Thursday June 27, 2024 9:32am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

According to the official Walt Disney World operating hours calendar, Peter Pan's Flight at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom will be closed for more than a month this summer.

The closure begins July 8 and continues through August 20, reopening to guests on August 21, 2024.

Walt Disney Imagineering recently filed a permit for Peter Pan's Flight, carrying the description of "Install set elements." The permit suggests that we will see some changes when the ride reopens in August, although Disney has not announced the details of any updates.

Peter Pan's Flight has been the subject of scrutiny and criticism for containing scenes that some consider culturally insensitive. The primary concern revolves around the portrayal of Native Americans in the attraction, which reflects outdated and stereotypical representations. In particular, the depiction of the "Indian Village" and the characterization of the Native American characters can be seen as perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Disney has been gradually addressing such issues in its parks and media properties, revising attractions and content to be more culturally sensitive and inclusive. For instance, the Jungle Cruise and Splash Mountain rides were recently updated to remove racially insensitive portrayals.

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The Leader of the Club2 hours ago

I think the real answer is Tomorrowland Speedway. Just give that real Estate to Fantasyland already

ToTBellHop4 hours ago

Princesses sell a ton. Let’s ask the Park Sorting Cap. …Animal Kingdom!

seabreezept8134 hours ago

I’m sure Pooh sells more merchandise and it’s a great ride. There’s got to be somewhere else to put Alice. Fairy tale hall!

Bocabear2 days ago

Not to defend the argument, but he is also exaggerated with a giant nose...a caricature of an upper middle class Englishman.... now, not as exaggerated as the Indians...but it seems that all the characters are much more exaggerated in Neverland...The Pirates are are the Indians... I had to look back. So, yeah...they are exaggerated stereotypes...but they are also characters in another world...So I don't even know if you would consider them Native Americans because they are basically living on a star...and the book was written by someone living in England....If it makes people feel better, remove the offensive Indian characters... but do it without removing the presence of the characters and plot...

LittleBuford2 days ago

First, he isn’t. Second, history and context matter.

Bocabear2 days ago

I would love to see Pooh flushed and replaced with a great Alice dark ride...allowing that and the Teacups to work together as a mini thematic area... Maybe a Pooh attraction would be better at the studios or even One of two attractions for the UK Pavilion...

Purduevian2 days ago

No replacements... just build more up more attractions around it so that they 50+ year old ride with rough capacity isn't a "tier 1" attraction in the world busiest theme park.

Bocabear2 days ago

It is a sweet, painfully short ride with a wonderful ride system...It could be a much better ride if they would move it and start from the ground up...Make it a truly worthy 21st Century version (see Shanghai)...keep all the practical effects that we currently had, lengthen the ride, and enhance it... Use the PPF building for our own Tangled attraction so we at least have one and not just Tangled Toilets....

bwr8272 days ago

I wonder what the typical guest thinks of this ride after waiting 45-60 minutes to get on. I found it quaint, like a museum piece. My kids were appalled that it was “so old and fake and boring.” And that was with a Lightning Lane, so we waited a fraction of the time. Not sure they can make enough ride updates to fix this.

GladToBeHear2 days ago

I miss context.

rcapolete3 days ago

UGH one of my favorite rides and will be closed when we are there August 11-16. Will hold out hope for an early return to service (i know slim chance lol)

𝕴𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖊𝖗974 days ago

So what does that say about Dreamworks Animation's star characters in their 2D films?

PizzaPlanet4 days ago

Don’t forget there’s a meet and greet spot that was once a classic dark ride. Let’s trade that first lol

DisDude334 days ago

I definitely feel like the ride isn’t worth the crazy wait times but luckily I enjoy the interactive queue more than the ride. 🙂