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Apr 30, 2018 in "Pandora Utility Suit"

Pandora Utility Suit overview
Posted: Monday April 30, 2018 10:19am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Pandora Utility Suit made its official debut at Disney's Animal Kingdom last week on Earth Day, and we've got a look at it in action at Pandora - The World of Avatar.

Developed by the Pandora Conservation Initiative, the 10ft tall Pandora Utility Suit is piloted by a PCI scientist, who uses the suit to travel through the Valley of Mo'ara to study the Pandoran plants and fauna. During the travels, the pilot takes time to talk to guests and educates them on some of the details of Pandora.

During its opening week there were two shows per day at 9:45am and 11:45am, but the latest schedules are varying. So if you want to see the suit in action, try to get to Pandora early and wait near Pongu Pongu in the far corner of Pandora.

Check out the gallery for more pictures of the Pandora Utility Suit at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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GlacierGlacierMay 31, 2018

Hopefully they'll expand it to more than just one show a day, too. I've been to the park twice when he's there and I haven't managed to catch him yet.

MisterPenguinMay 30, 2018

Help wanteds went up for actors who stilt-walk in Pandora. So... this seems like this will be a thing that lasts more than for Earth Day Month.

Kman101May 04, 2018

I think they could probably work in a quick Dug moment, if they so insist on including him. I expected more what you were thinking and another poster had a great idea that aligned with exactly what I thought they *would* do. This was a huge missed opportunity. And understood about ROL. I know you aren't advocating for IP inclusion, I was just including it because we all know that's what they'd do. Not that a beautiful IP show for Animal Kingdom couldn't be done and be stunning, but I'd hate to lose a non-IP driven show. I'd be fine with a replacement if it stayed IP free. But we know what they'll do ... I hope they don't though. I imagine they have to think IP not in the show is why reaction has been mixed.

RSoxNo1May 04, 2018

I think if you eliminate Dug from A Great Bird Adventure you have a structure that could work. Dug is a comedic tool that does nothing for the "story" of the show. Russell and Anika (I think that's her name, I keep forgetting) can work to tell the story with Russell providing moments of levity in the same way Guano Joe did. Having said that, you essentially have three characters replacing Guano Joe and a voiceover at the beginning of Flights of Wonder. It doesn't work.

Kman101May 04, 2018

@RSoxNo1 UP! is definitely a mess. I guess I defend ROL, because while there are some issues, I think the music is beautiful and the bones are there. I can agree it can appear to be underwhelming to those looking for a major wow moment. It's never going to have fireworks. Adding Circle of Life won't bring a wow moment. So I mean, it kind of is what it is. It can be tightened and changed a bit, I suppose. But it'd be a shame to lose it to an IP fest. Not that it can't blend the two, but we know they won't do it how they should, instead it'd be an IP fest. I only asked because you kind of hammer it home a lot how 'awful' it is, so I was just wondering ... lol So is it a "bad" show to you or just "underwhelming"? Because I think there's a difference (not that it matters, lol, just saying) I also defend the AMP suit because I think it helps and makes sense to see the person wearing it. I know people probably cry "cheap" but I think it was a design choice to be more appealing to guests. I want to see the guy and interact with him and talk to him. But that's me. I personally don't think you need to really know anything about Avatar to appreciate the land, but it makes sense to me to have the guy in the AMP suit explaining things to guests. I like it. We need more of these things. I just think certain things deserve a fair more bit of support instead of constantly nitpicking. We all have things we prefer. Things we would do differently. I really don't see anything wrong with the AMP suit. The new FOW didn't have to be lazy. It could have been a really nice show implementing Russell and Dug and utilizing the caretaker in a different way. It's a real shame they kind of screwed this up, but since many guests consider it "fine" or "ok" ... many on here have been quick to say it's not that bad, which gives them the continued excuse to do things half-you-know-what because guests will accept it. In this case they should have knocked it out of the park. You can create an interesting new show using the characters. It's truly not that hard. But, is the new show "bad"? I haven't decided. Like you with ROL, I was underhwelmed and disappointed because I expected something different. So because I expected something different, does it make what's there bad? Well ... in this case, I think so ... lol We actually mostly agree but differ slightly. Glad to know you love the park though.

RSoxNo1May 04, 2018

The new bird show is also awful. It's a disjointed mess. Rivers of Light is underwhelming. There's nothing really "wrong" with it other than it lacks any sort of wow factor for me that I've come to expect from Disney's nighttime shows. For what it's worth, the soundtrack is excellent but the visuals that accompany it are what's underwhelming. The AMP Suit feels like a forced, out of place element but in the grand scheme of things I'm not exactly losing sleep over it. The other two are legit problems in my mind. Having said that, the Animal Kingdom is my favorite Disney park in the world, Kilimanjaro Safaris is my favorite attraction and Festival of the Lion King is my favorite show. I love the animal walk throughs, I enjoy Pandora, Everest and DINOSAUR, and think Animal Kingdom's food offerings are better than Epcot's (obviously just less variety).

Kman101May 02, 2018

What do you like at Animal Kingdom? Rivers of Light sucks and the AMP suit sucks ...

RSoxNo1May 02, 2018

You guys are no fun.

RteetzMay 02, 2018

It is entertainment in a theme park...

GrandCanyonConcourseMay 02, 2018

Did ford hack your account?

FigmentForver96May 02, 2018

???its entertainment. Whether a person finds it entertaining is a personal matter but it is designed to entertain.

RSoxNo1May 02, 2018

Can we amend the thread title so entertainment is in quotes?

MisterPenguinMay 01, 2018

Don't let the Ikrans lay eggs in me!

FigmentJediMay 01, 2018

A Xenomorph infestation of Pandora would make for a more interesting sequel then whatever Cameron's planning.