'One Man's Dream' to show preview of 'Pete's Dragon'

Jun 24, 2016 in "Walt Disney Presents"

Posted: Friday June 24, 2016 8:58am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

"One Man's Dream" at Disney's Hollywood Studios will present a sneak peek preview of the upcoming "Pete's Dragon" movie.

The preview of the reimagined movie will begin on July 1, with "Pete's Dragon" opening in theaters on August 12 2016.

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po1998Jun 27, 2016

Really sad.

Next Big ThingJun 26, 2016

The preview is normally around 15 mins

NearTheEarsJun 26, 2016

I believe it's much longer than a normal trailer. The for Maleficent was a couple years back.

WondersOfLifeJun 26, 2016

The only one I ever liked was the Frankenweenie preview that was in the Muppets Theatre at Disneyland.... But I wouldve preferred Muppet Vision 3D.

MuteSuperstarJun 25, 2016

So the annoying aspect of these previews aside, did I miss something? Is OMD actually sticking around or is it still getting axed once they finally get around to some actual construction on the new stuff?

beeJun 25, 2016

CommunicoreJun 25, 2016

I thought that's why there's online trailers so people can preview on their own?

AndyS2992Jun 25, 2016

Previews for yet another Hollywood remake nobody asked for. Wonderful :rolleyes:

trr1Jun 24, 2016

maybe they could make a move calledby Joel Chandler Harris tales ;)

Cmdr_CrimsonJun 24, 2016

I even think He's getting tired of this Schtick....

nicb88Jun 24, 2016

If they're so insistent on showing trailers/previews, I would love if they could run a dual feature, so that both could be seen. For example at times during the hours 9/11/1/3/5 the trailer would be shown, where as those during 10/12/2/4/6 the original One Man's Dream would be shown. I'm sure it would be possible, but it would likely require infrastructure/effort in which they're simply unwilling to invest.

Magenta PantherJun 24, 2016

How classy of The Robert Iger Company to push out a touching tribute to the park's founder in favor of commercials. God.

sxeensweetJun 24, 2016

They do show the original intermittently throughout the year. It's never gone for good. Even on the description on MDE it says it is shown intermittently. We enjoy the previews and we enjoy the original, and like seeing the exhibit each trip so we see whichever is there at that time. ;)

ford91exploderJun 24, 2016

Who knows IF the TWDC company will still be around its current form. Looks like Bobby and his team of yes men have sailed Disney into a perfect storm.