'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' exhibit arrives at Walt Disney Presents in Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Posted: Wednesday January 31, 2024 10:07am Et by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fans of the Disney+ series Percy Jackson can now experience a 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' exhibit at Walt Disney Presents in Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

For a limited time, the walk-trough attraction will feature artifacts and costumes from the show, a photo op, and an inside look at the series, which chronicles a quest set out by Percy Jackson (son of Poseidon), Annabeth Chase (daughter of Athena) and Grover Underwood (a satyr protector) to find Zeus' Master Bolt before the summer solstice.

Here is a look at the cast of the show, Walker Scobell (Percy), Leah Sava Jeffries (Annabeth) and Aryan Simhadri (Grover) checking out the exhibit.

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HauntedPirate20 days ago

Any idea how long this will be around?

SplashLanta20 days ago

I still think Narnia would be a smashing success in a theme park as a Potter-style land, too bad the movies fell off after the first, and now Netflix acquired the rights, so don't see it ever coming under the Disney Park's umbrella.

pigglewiggle20 days ago

The story just lends itself to some amazing dark ride ideas. I doubt Disney would do it as people probably don't associate the story with Disney all that much, but still would be nice to see.

Unbanshee20 days ago

I found some more photos of the exhibit itself https://blogmickey.com/2024/01/50-photos-percy-jackson-and-the-olympians-exhibit-with-screen-worn-costumes-props-opens-at-disneys-hollywood-studios/

Phicinfan20 days ago

Well, if they continue the series through, the latest set is them getting ready for college, so aging isn't a huge deal, but I would love to see some kind of dark ride going through the different journeys

pigglewiggle20 days ago

Whole family enjoys this show. I think it caters to adults as well as kids.

Surferboy56720 days ago

I watched the finale and documentary last night. It’s not perfect, and it is kid leaning but I enjoyed it.

JD8020 days ago

Probably. Anytime a company adopts a YA adventure series it's with the hopes of replicating some portion of Potter's success. I think they have a shot with this one. It's very popular. Edit to note: I'm not saying it'll be big like Potter, but it has a chance to breaking into the cultural zeitgeist.

ToTBellHop20 days ago

I predict some sort of attraction eventually for this IP. Tape it soon while the actors are still teenagers and not 28 pretending to be 16.

Big_Shakalaka20 days ago

Mine too. My youngest likes how closely it tracks the book.

JD8020 days ago

My kids love this show.