Canada Far and Wide Circle-Vision movie to open in January 2020

Aug 26, 2019 in "O Canada!"

Posted: Monday August 26, 2019 9:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The all new Circle-Vision 360 movie at Epcot's Canada pavilion will open in January 2020.

Using all new seamless digital technology, the new 360 movie will include new scenes, story and music.

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TrainChasers2 days ago

Well ideally we would get the original proposed dark ride through English literature and that could include a Mary Poppins segment.

jt042 days ago

I'd think the version of a dark ride Martin posted awhile back would be a much bigger success. They just need more land. 🚧

TrainChasers3 days ago

While it wasn’t going to be particularly impressive, I was excited about more Mary Poppins in the park. If we are going to have IP’s in Epcot, at least give us the best, most practically perfect one!

castlecake2.03 days ago

You would think this would be an easier thing to have for the 50th

trainplane33 days ago

Quick for China? Not really. All new rigging (remember it'll be seamless), projectors, various wiring and computery bits are needed to go in. They "could" have some stuff done but it'd still go down for a few months at least.

Magicart873 days ago

Wouldn't these be relatively quick change outs?

trainplane33 days ago

The fact it's still being shown off in the experience video, I'd say it's on but delayed. While they pulled SSE and Poppins for the parks reopening.

castlecake2.03 days ago

Good question

atighe423 days ago

But actually though: Where is Wondrous China? Has it even been filmed?

The_Jobu3 days ago

Surprised they don't mention everyone's favourite half Canadian, you know, the guy with his name on the door

MisterPenguin3 days ago

It would be nice if they could take just the really nice scenic parts of O' Canada and put it on a loop while people are in there. And then play in the background some traditional Canadian music such as Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, and Justin Beiber.

marni19713 days ago

Or Canada during food n booze? Idiots.

castlecake2.03 days ago

Are they hoping we forget they announced a new circlevision for China?

castlecake2.0Aug 27, 2020

Any updates on China?