Canada Far and Wide Circle-Vision movie to open in January 2020

Aug 26, 2019 in "O Canada!"

The all new Circle-Vision 360 movie at Epcot's Canada pavilion will open in January 2020.

Using all new seamless digital technology, the new 360 movie will include new scenes, story and music.

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Article Posted: Aug 26, 2019 / 9:25am ET
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marni1971Aug 28, 2020


Horizons1Aug 28, 2020

There’ll be a recreation of the lab where they made COVID.

castlecake2.0Aug 27, 2020

Any updates on China?

chriss.moyerJan 21, 2020

Agreed! That bothered me when people were just walking out, It also does make me wonder as well how long it will last as an attraction for modern audiences.

aladdin2007Jan 21, 2020

Saw this today and agree it looks fantastic, love the horizons'eque narration.. My only concern was when the song started towards the end, half of a very full theater started walking out. I have never seen that before in all of my years viewing every version of this makes me wonder if that keeps happening just how long the movie format in general will last as an attraction.

sedatiJan 20, 2020

So it is still the conceit that we are in fact only in a "Pavillion," and not actual Canada? Why else would they keep telling us to visit.

chriss.moyerJan 20, 2020

No, It’s actually great. The transfer looks so good and brand new. The new version has the beautiful new cityscapes, and at least it got an upgrade it deserves.

Horizons1Jan 18, 2020


Animaniac93-98Jan 18, 2020

The stock footage was more obvious in the 2007 version so I'm glad they fixed that. This was a solid update for sure. Not going seamless is the only disappointment for me.

wishiwere@wdwJan 18, 2020

I also caught the ice skating on the frozen canal footage but you had to be quick as it was only on one screen. My only gripe is that some of the cityscape likely looks much different today with new skyscrapers and all but overall, I loved this addition. It had that EPCOT vibe and was simply well done. Kudos to the team that did the digital conversion and to the editors because you really couldn’t tell where the old was stitched to the new!

kurtkJan 18, 2020

Watched the new Canada movie on Youtube last night. Maybe this is better in person but I did not like it. It was way too dry and just seemed like a Powerpoint presentation. Two funny actors from Canada and they didn't seem to have any funny lines. I said in a post several months ago that I loved Martin Short's version because of the joy and love he had for his country. Didn't seem to be any of that in this version. Did others enjoy it?

peter11435Jan 18, 2020

I for one am glad they decided to keep the song sounding like it came from this century. And O Canada was the name of the film, not the song.

Horizons1Jan 18, 2020

I was hoping they’d get rid of the awful pop version of O’ Canada and bring back the original.

RobWDW1971Jan 18, 2020

Luckily the center of "World Celebration" will be a giant sky bar - symbolizing man's eternal quest for drunkiness.