Cast Previews to begin soon at Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

Feb 14, 2020 in "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway"

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway will be hosting Cast Member previews next week as the official March 4 opening dates nears.

Cast Members will be previewing the attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios from February 22 through March 2, with a press event to take place on March 3.

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Article Posted: Feb 14, 2020 / 8:56am ET
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Surferboy567Dec 01, 2020

Didn’t see those, this seems like a good time though to mention I saw last week’s shorts and we finally get a good listen to Kaitlyn’s Minnie voice and it sounds good. It will take some getting used to but she sounds great!

Surferboy567Dec 01, 2020

This ride keeps getting better and better with all the little details!

brb1006Dec 01, 2020

Actually Kaitlyn Robrock (Minnie's current voice actor) started voicing her midway through "Mickey Mouse: Mixed Up Adventures" beginning with the 19th episode.

gerararDec 01, 2020

I remember this being a whole thing on Twitter back when the ride opened in March! Found it! Mickey says “Oh gosh, it looks like we’re experiencing a brief delay” while slightly concerned. I love the expressions on the AA! However, we don’t have Minnie’s dialogue, but it may have to do something along the lines of that there’s a backup in the barn according to this:

PerceptiveCootDec 01, 2020

Does anyone have any video with audio of what Mickey says at 0:57?

Surferboy567Nov 18, 2020

In honor of Mickey’s birthday today has anyone gotten a chance to watch the new Mickey Mouse shorts on Disney +? I just did, and wanted to see what everyone thinks! Couple of observations: - The new Minnie voice actress may take some getting used to, this (I think) is the first time I am hearing her. It could be just the short they decided to go with since it’s a rancher themed voice everyone’s voice seems weird, so I need more shorts to really gauge how Minnie’s new voice sounds. - The second short I really liked the references to tommorowland and great big beautiful tomorrow were well done. I also really liked the Bambi scene.

Magic FeatherNov 03, 2020

The second one. Preshow would have barely worked with original reduced capacity. Now it’s almost a non starter, even if they decided to install a bunch of plexiglass cubicles.

Jones14Nov 03, 2020

Any chance the preshow returns as a result? Or will the faster queue just incentivize ops to leave it off for even longer?

Magic FeatherNov 03, 2020

Just as I reported a week or so ago. This should be live by end of week. Also, this will make MMRR’s queue haul serious butt. Currently, a “full” queue for MMRR (full of the huge extended queue that was set up in the hub) is only around 90 minutes actual wait.

DCBakerNov 03, 2020

BocabearOct 26, 2020

well I know why they would have put a dormer there, but wouldn't it have made more sense if they were doing it to have matched it to the actual story line they are telling through the architecture of the building? And WHY don't they bother to align the architecture...they have obviously made efforts with an external conservatory... Yes it is a trifling detail and at that moment on the ride you are not focused on the graveyard as your car has turned to face the house as it descends...not the graveyard...

vicariouscorpseOct 26, 2020

I understand your point but it does at least twice. The room above the stretching room gallery is seen from the outside along with the conservatory.

lazyboy97oOct 14, 2020

It would only be wrong if there was some desire to align to the exterior. At no point does The Haunted Mansion bother or attempt to align its interior experience with its exterior appearance. The dormer is not there as an expression of the exterior architecture, it is there to avoid the sort of warehouse like flatness that is a problem in too many recent attractions like Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. It's filler. Your attention is supposed to be on the graveyard to your left, not the right, but since you're orientation does not match that focus its something there that isn't just nothing but also not of much interest.

BocabearOct 14, 2020 it wrong twice? For WDW's mansion it is the wrong building material to make sense...if it had been brick like the façade it would be fine... Disneyland's doesn't stand out because it at least matches the mansion's building materials... not like you needed an know what we are talking about.