Perfect Picnic Basket Popcorn Bucket now available at Disney's Hollywood Studios

20 days ago in "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway"

Posted: Monday May 15, 2023 9:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios is offering a new popcorn bucket today inspired by Mickey's Runaway Railway.

You can grab the new bucket for a limited time at popcorn locations on Hollywood Blvd.

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DCBaker20 days ago

Looks to be $25.

Sirwalterraleigh20 days ago

That’s redonkulously stupid…but ok 👍🏻

note200120 days ago

The pricing on popcorn buckets, like everything else in Disney changes daily according to demand. On the low side these would be $19, but I'm betting Disney will release them closer to that $28 that the Cinderella coach bucket commands - and that is before adding on $5 for popcorn.

Sirwalterraleigh20 days ago

Ok cool…my joking aside 🤪

WorldExplorer20 days ago

There's a Pumbaa popcorn bucket in Animal Kingdom that apparently tons of people bought.

Sirwalterraleigh20 days ago

Is “pumbaa” a clever euphemism I’m unaware of? 🤔

WorldExplorer20 days ago

Which would people rather eat out of? A. A picnic basket? Or B. Pumbaa? The answer might surprise you.

Sirwalterraleigh20 days ago

I just feel bad - honestly - for the eBay hoarders/dumpers. They get caught with worthless excess…over and over again. And we know what it is: CMs trying to get more for rent and publix It’s sad. I’m not joking

HauntedPirate20 days ago

Hey, that's not fair. It costs them 50 cents per bucket now, because of inflation and China. Guessing these are $15-20 a piece? Even when I was there in September we didn't even glance at these insipid popcorn buckets. We had a couple of the early ones and quickly realized the regular buckets are far easier to use/refill/eat out of/clean. These are just designed to separate money from the guest wallet. Which, apparently, they are good at doing. :banghead:

John park hopper20 days ago

So, how much is Disney charging for this plastic bucket------ 10cents worth of popcorn

Sirwalterraleigh20 days ago

That’s a long list of contenders

note200120 days ago

Wow. This is certainly a contender for the ugliest popcorn bucket yet.

Sirwalterraleigh20 days ago

It’s my job to do for all mankind

GhostHost100020 days ago

Thank you for your contribution and keeping Disney open for the rest of us