Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway standby line closes before park closing

Mar 05, 2020 in "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway"

Posted: Thursday March 5, 2020 10:33am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway closes before the rest of the park due to its position in the pyro fall-out zone of the daily nighttime show.

Disney's Hollywood Studios closed at 8:30pm yesterday, and guests were not allowed into the standby at around 7:50pm. The Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular show began at 9pm, giving the attraction roughly an hour to move guests through the queue and ride.

Although plans can always change, expect the standby line to close around 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the nighttime show.

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PhicinfanAug 12, 2021

Fully agree, my wife and I rode it for the first time last week and loved it

gmajewAug 11, 2021

Very cool ride was a lot of fun and a great ride for the mouse! Kids on the train were laughing and having a blast. Mickey deserved this!

RSoxNo1Mar 11, 2020

Present a better option. So far your choices are: - Use the boarding groups. - Close the ride until it's fully operational.

RollerCoasterMar 11, 2020

Screw boarding groups. It's a horrible program that is extremely unfair to guests, unless you happen to be one of the chosen few who gets one. The line length is should be the limiting factor! I'm beginning to think that passholders are a bigger issue in Florida versus California. However, the real issue is that aside from Magic Kingdom, the three other theme parks are extremely short of rides and attractions and the biggest issue is FastPass+, which is killing operations.

wdwmagicMar 09, 2020

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway standby line closes before park closing

YodaManMar 07, 2020

It closed at a similar time yesterday but also went 101 almost immediately after the line was cut.

disneygeek90Mar 06, 2020

Closed at 750 opening night. Not sure what happened yesterday.

Tom MorrowMar 06, 2020

Does anyone know if the ride’s line closes off before the park closes?

SplashJacketMar 06, 2020

Maybe he'll take that money to pay some dude on Fiverr to meet Marni.

marni1971Mar 06, 2020

Either works for me :)

jt04Mar 06, 2020

More likely to be in Manchester UK first. 😉

A Noble FishMar 06, 2020

@marni1971 I've decided. I will legitimately pay $50 to get this man to meet you at the swamps. PM me or start a fundraiser and we'll make it happen with other people.

KevinPageMar 06, 2020

Was able to ride yesterday via FP+ 1. TGMR holds nothing near and dear for me. So the only negative to it’s loss is that it had a lot of AA’s & it was a people eater. DHS needs attractions so I’m always for “additions” S opposed to replacements. 2. we enjoyed the ride. I went in not expecting RotR or anything mind blowing but a fun whimsical family ride, and that’s what we got 3.This type of ride is sorely needed in DHS (dark ride) 4. Lots of kinetic energy, projection mapping, animation, very repeatable. nothing like it on property

NelsonRDMar 06, 2020

Empty seats on an attraction worthy of a boarding group? Maybe on some attractions, but not headliners.