VIDEO - Mariachi Cobre Present the Story of 'Coco'

Mar 06, 2019 in "Mariachi Cobre"

Mariachi Cobre Present the Story of 'Coco'
Posted: Wednesday March 6, 2019 12:33pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Mexico Pavilion has today debuted a new musical show - Mariachi Cobre Present the Story of 'Coco.'

In the 20 minute show, Mariachi Cobre are joined by a pair of Folklórico dancers to tell the tale of Miguel Rivera, his love of music, and his journey to find what matters most – his familia. The dancers perform to the music of the film, pulling everyone into the celebration, and Miguel himself appears in the form of a whimsical, hand-crafted puppet.

See the first performance in the video below.

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cjkeatingMar 14, 2019

DL cloned him from Disneyland Paris.

MisterPenguinMar 14, 2019

Because in DL, they also have dancing skeleton puppets. It's kinda hard to have humans with their vital organs intact play skeletons. So, they went with puppets. The Miguel in Epcot is a clone of DL's. I would have like to also have the skeleton dancers, but, Mariachi Cobre, I presume, is soaking up most of the budget for this streetmosphere.

Cmdr_CrimsonMar 14, 2019

Same reason why they don't do it for the Nemo characters...It looks weird...Have you seen the Nemo go kart? It's.......Something?

Jedi14Mar 14, 2019

Does anyone have a reason there hasn’t been a Miguel face character instead of just a puppet?

RobbinsDadMar 07, 2019

I love Un Poco Loco. Probably my favorite song from any Disney movie this century.

TheboltMar 07, 2019

It amazes me how your mind filters out the guy moving the puppet. I know they do the same in other shows (Nemo etc.)... but it is still a strange phenomena.

Walt dMar 07, 2019

I did hear Van Halen was busy

Sir_CliffMar 06, 2019

They are really excellent and I'm also glad that they're both still doing their own sets and are really the focus of this show. I think they've done a fantastic job, and it shows that IP thoughtfully integrated into WS can work quite well. Coco is kind of a unique case, though!


First time I’ve seen dancers along with those musical performances in over 20 years

ABQMar 06, 2019

Thankfully, was terrified this would somehow diminish the amazing Mariachi Cobre. They have put the time and effort into their craft for so long, that it would be terrible if they were overshadowed by animated IP.

Cmdr_CrimsonMar 06, 2019

Having seen the DCA and Epcot versions now. I Can see that there is some differences to the shows from either side as the DCA version had more skeleton puppets and Miguel sings in that version to where he just appears at the end of the show..Here's the DCA version to see that comparison..

Coaster LoverMar 06, 2019

Mariachi Cobre are so good at their craft! This doesn't feel too overly produced or overly over the top or overly cartoonie... it feels very organic... very natural... very authentic... I like this a lot!

Andrew CMar 06, 2019

Well done!