PHOTOS - After-dark in the new Main Street Plaza Gardens at the Magic Kingdom

Feb 27, 2015 in "Main Street, U.S.A."

Posted: Friday February 27, 2015 9:35am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Yesterday we brought you a detailed walk-through of the new Main Street Plaza Gardens during daytime, and today we've got look at the area after-dark.

As you would expect, the gardens that make up the new FastPass+ viewing area for Wishes make a very good viewing location. The area is far enough back that the fireworks can be seen over the castle at a perfect height, and the viewing angle is just slightly off to the side, but not enough to be a problem.

There are a lot of lighting structures in the area, and there are 4 tall poles in particular that obscure parts of the castle. It isn't an issue for Wishes, but it does block parts of the castle, and can be a bit distracting during the Celebrate the Magic projection show. It would have been great to see these lighting poles retract like those at Epcot, so that when not needed they can be hidden from sight. You can see and example in the photo below.

The ever-popular twinkle lights can be found in some of the trees, and the fountain area is lit with a reddish color.

To get into the garden area for Wishes viewing, you will need to obtain a FastPass+. It goes live today in the West Gardens, and will soon be joined by the East Gardens on the other side of Main Street. It is certainly a welcome relief to be able to view Wishes without being shoulder to shoulder in the center of Main Street U.S.A. or in the old hub area. 

Besides the dedicated FastPass+ viewing area, the walkways around the new gardens have also added firework viewing capacity. Although heavily patrolled by cast to keep the areas open for walkways, they do allow some of the space to be used for viewing. The amount of space available will no doubt vary as operationally needed.

Click the gallery for more photos, and also check out our video walk-through.

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RSoxNo1Feb 21, 2017

If similar lights are used anywhere in Star Wars Land they need to be painted like R2-D2

WDWtravelerFeb 21, 2017

Photo update as of Monday, Feb. 20. The hillside pathway to the right of Cinderella Castle has reopened. I previously posted photos of the new lighting below the left and right pathways. New uplighting for the trees has been installed above both hillside pathways, well hidden behind new landscaping (large evergreen trees).

brb1006Feb 16, 2017

But Tokyo has the best parade route. Look at how many floats you see during Dreamlights

WDWtravelerFeb 16, 2017

Photo update as of Thursday, Feb. 16. An update to the photos I posted on Jan 13. Lighting has been installed on the several new pedestals built last fall to the left and right of the castle. These lights were not there just Monday (Feb 13). There are two types of lighting on both sides of the castle: several LED flood lights, and several movable spotlights. In the below photo on the right side of the castle, the flood lights are lit (blue). Also, new landscaping was recently installed in what was before open ground. The walkway on the right side of the castle, behind the trees here, is still closed due to the exterior refurbishment of Sir Mickey's retail store. There is an additional light array on the hillside above this walkway. All the flood light lenses were pointed down. Here is a close-up. Here is the light array on the left side of the castle.

DaveeeeedFeb 10, 2017

I'd argue that Paris has the best version, but to each their own.

LAKid53Feb 08, 2017

After reading the last three pages on this thread, I'm glad I don't ride SM any more. I remember our first ride in 1996. It was pretty thrilling and kinda scary. I compared it to riding DLR's SM in 1983, which was really scary - that old seat belt didn't give me much confidence I wouldnt't take my own flight. But the last time we rode last year, I ended up in the last car and boy, the whiplash left me a little bruised. Some of the lights were on and my daughter freaked when she saw how close the track above you is and the guardrails. Needless to say, we don't ride any more. But I really like DLR's version - while not as fast or long as WDW, it's a much smoother ride. I also prefer their car - I don't feel like I'm going to go flying out of it. So, the Hub still isn't completed.....surprise, surprise. Hope they can finish by 2021.

creathirFeb 08, 2017

What on earth could they still be doing?

articosFeb 08, 2017

Like the Magic Kingdom itself, this project will never actually be finished.

danlb_2000Feb 08, 2017

A permit was filed today extending the ramp permit until June 30, 2017.

RSoxNo1Jan 23, 2017

Ok, any car on the autobahn.

JenniferSJan 23, 2017

These guys.

Andrew CJan 23, 2017

who drives muscle cars on the autobahn?

RSoxNo1Jan 23, 2017

Just remember that WDW's space mountain rides like a Huffy down a dirt road while Disneyland's rides like a muscle car on the Autobahn.

JenniferSJan 21, 2017

Hubby and I still love it. We rode it four or five times in September ... but that connect to the first lift chain - oh boy, it hurt. Every time but one, we both audibly "oomphed". Doesn't mean we didn't get right back on. Just means we braced ourselves as best we could. Would I like a total track rebuild to make it smoother and faster? You betcha. From what many here are saying though, we should actually be concerned for our safety in the meantime.