PHOTOS - Main Street U.S.A. west bypass preparation

Dec 09, 2020 in "Main Street, U.S.A."

Main Street U.S.A east bypass entrance
Posted: Wednesday December 9, 2020 10:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom looks to be preparing to add a second Main Street U.S.A. bypass on the western side of the park.

Work began on this a couple of years ago with the removal of the fountain that stood between Casey's Corner and the First Aid Center. Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, the area was covered in constructions scrims. The work was completed in mid-November leaving a wide clear path to move guests backstage and into Town Square at the front of the park. A similar bypass has been in operation for several years on the eastern side of the park, where some basic theming and landscaping was installed to hide some of the views backstage. It isn't clear yet if something similar will be done on the western side.


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DisneyDreamerxyzDec 11, 2020

I remember the last night of Wishes they used this side for guests to exit. Also, as a former MK CM, this widened path will make it easier for CM to get stuff from the utilidoor out on stage. Merchandise and Food Carts are heavy and it used to be a pain to navigate through that area with the fountain and crowds !!

PolynesianPrincessDec 11, 2020

I remember going down the west one once when it was super crowded after the fireworks. They had both sides open. I wanna say this was like 7-10 years ago.

EricsBiscuitDec 10, 2020

My favorite part is the place where they store the omnibus and other vehicles. The omnibus is simply amazing.

TrainsOfDisneyDec 10, 2020

They did use it before the hub completion. It was rare but I remember it being used during New Years week. I’m such a geek I went back up Main Street so I could go down that bypass. Cheaper than a backstage tour though!


I wonder if the completion of this will mark the return of nighttime parades.

GoofyernmostDec 10, 2020

I think you are thinking about the east bypass not the west one. I don't remember the west one being there at all. you had to go through the stores to avoid parades and main street clutter during castle projection and fireworks. The west one appears to be sitting between Casey's Corner and Crystal Palace Restaurant. Unless I am delusional (which is entirely possible). If I'm wrong I'm sure it won't take long for someone to correct me.

Walt dDec 09, 2020

Fireworks what are those??

mgfDec 09, 2020

We got sent through it in Nov 2018. Oddly the park was not super busy but Main St was absolutely mobbed. We were so grateful because our kiddo was absolutely terrified (out of the blue) of the fireworks, and we were racing out of the park.

HauntedPirateDec 09, 2020

Not enough content. ;) I know this is going to steer things off-topic, so I apologize in advance and hope the thread doesn't derail. The bypasses have nothing on DLP's arcades, though. Those were so well done. @Eddie Sotto and the DLP team deserve tons of praise for that park.

_calebDec 09, 2020

Looking forward to seeing “Main Street USA Bypasses- Martin’s Ultimate Tribute!”

marni1971Dec 09, 2020

They took us out the west route in 2018 when they had to clear the park due to an approaching storm. That was a surreal HEA. Anyway, we were shouted through the bypass and onto an enhanced bus fleet to the TTC. 15 minutes from Town Square to the parking tram queues. Even I didn’t belive the efficiency. The west route was used virtually every night at Disneyland last year during our trip. And yes, some of the views were interesting if not exactly magical. And also yes, my camera accidentally started recording.

TrainsOfDisneyDec 09, 2020

Both. I remember using it at MK and they also use it at Disneyland. The DL route is pretty interesting as it goes right up against a Jungle Cruise maintenance or holding area.

ThatMouseDec 09, 2020

Much needed, but they also need more permanent routes. It's quite the cluster an hour before the fireworks start mainly due to the projections.

Magic FeatherDec 09, 2020

I've seen it used for major holidays and for last night of Wishes/First Week of HEA.