Center Street refurbishment update from Magic Kingdom's Main Street U.S.A.

Jul 05, 2022 in "Main Street, U.S.A."

Center Street concrete work - July 4 2022
Posted: Tuesday July 5, 2022 3:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Work is now progressing along Center Street on Main Street U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom.

Most of Center Street is still accessible, but at this time the far end is walled-off and unavailable to guests. This area is home to some seating that is a popular spot for an early morning coffee and pastry from the nearby Starbucks.

A look over the short construction wall shows the some of the replacement block pavers now being installed.

The project began in mid-May 2022 and showed little progress since the construction walls were put in place.

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roj232326 days ago

The slow progress is likely due to the large amounts of rain the area has been seeing over the last 2-3 weeks. It's raining literally every night at around 9-10pm for over an hour and this type of fake brick doesn't adhere properly to the surface material when it's wet or full of moisture. If we get a few days of dryer weather, this will likely go in pretty quickly. That said it's a bit like laying tile so it can be tedious.

cranbiz26 days ago

On property somewhere are a ton of brick pavers too. They just have to turn them upside down as to not show the buy a brick side.

larryz27 days ago

On some boat waiting in line near Los Angeles, there's a group of shipping containers full of Chinese brick pavers...

SplashZander27 days ago

JoeCamelJul 05, 2022

The Disney cloaking devices? They have dozens of those

Walt dJul 05, 2022

And the famous movable planters from the Castle stage have found a new home!

SplashZanderJul 05, 2022

Forgot to post these. Status a week ago.

TJ VazquezJun 14, 2022

Perhaps they are waiting for the ladder to arrive? :joyfull:

wdwmagicJun 14, 2022

Looks like there has been some issue here, still no progress and closed off.

wdwmagicMay 23, 2022

No progress on this as of today, still the same as above.

RSoxNo1May 22, 2022

Main Street Theater Being Relocated, confirmed.

kalel8145May 19, 2022

Thank you