Club 33 sales beginning at Walt Disney World?

Jan 26, 2018 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday January 26, 2018 7:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

According to @lentesta on the WDWMAGIC Forums, Club 33 sales have begun at Walt Disney World.

Reportedly, residents of Golden Oak have been approached about membership to Club 33, with pricing put at around $25,000 joining fee, and dues of $15,000 per year.

Word of Club 33 at Walt Disney World surfaced in April of 2017, with Disney gauging interest, but not making any detailed announcements.

Similar to the unique membership club founded by Walt Disney at Disneyland Resort, members will gain access to unique locations at all four Walt Disney World theme parks. Pictured above is an expansion to the Adventureland Veranda at the Magic Kingdom which will be home to one of the in-park locations for Club 33.

In recent times, Disney has been focussing on adding more premium experiences to its offerings throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. With homes selling for upwards of $10 million in the Golden Oak development at the heart of the resort, there is certainly a customer base for this type of exclusive membership.

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larryzFeb 27, 2020

I'm guessing there's a Secret DVC Elevated Status program that gets you the choicer suites and more availability based on how many points you own...

UNCgolfFeb 25, 2020

Yeah I honestly don't know why you'd buy DVC if you have Club 33 -- you should be able to afford to pay whatever you want for a hotel. Stay at a Disney resort, stay at the Four Seasons, do whatever.

flynnibusFeb 25, 2020

DVC seems so inadequate if so much of the Club33 benefit is the ability to jet set on a whim or short notice.

larryzFeb 25, 2020

I'm guessing if you're in for Club 33, you're in for DVC, if you don't already own in GO.

flynnibusFeb 25, 2020

Sorry - our clubs don't reciprocate with yours.

TrainChasersFeb 25, 2020

That’s so cool! See that’s what I love about Disneyland in general. There are so many unique little historic touches that have to do with Walt. And connecting the piano with concerts... that’s a brilliant idea that makes it very special. Reminds me of the piano at the Magic Castle that is played by a ghost!

TP2000Feb 25, 2020

There is regularly live music in the Salon Nouveau at Disneyland; most often a pianist and sometimes a combo. And usually a harpist for dinner in the Grand Salon. There is not regularly live music in 1901, although I was told that during the Jazz Festival week they have a small jazz combo in there, and at Christmastime they have a small combo and/or singers doing Christmas favorites. Salon Nouveau has a special Yamaha piano that can be played by a pianist, or can be connected via the Internet to piano concerts around the world and have the piano magically play whatever that pianist is playing in their concert in Las Vegas or New York or wherever. I was told that to inaugurate the Salon Nouveau they had the piano linked up with an Elton John concert and when Sir Elton played on his stage the Salon Nouveau piano played exactly the same tune. This was important because Elton John once played the original harpsichord that had been in Club 33 since the 1960's (and Paul McCartney also played it on a visit to the club). Disneyland Club 33's Magic Internet-Enabled Piano in Salon Nouveau! The original antique harpsichord in the lobby area used to be in the main dining room before the refurbishment, and it was used for dinner music because it's tidy size fit well in the original space. Lillian Disney purchased it originally intending it to go in the family apartment that is now 21 Royal, but after Walt passed away it was moved into Club 33 instead. It has a beautiful hand painted scene of 19th century New Orleans harbor painted inside its top. But with the dining room enlarged a bit the harpsichord was moved into the lobby area and is just a decorative piece now. But long-time members appreciate it because it's been in the Club facility since the 1960's, and is the same one that Elton John and Paul McCartney played decades ago. Can you imagine being in Club 33 in 1975 and Elton John is playing this harpsichord will you dine?!? The Harpsichord as decor in the 21st century... That same Harpsichord as musical instrument in the 20th century (but that's not Sir Elton)...

TrainChasersFeb 25, 2020

There is live music at the lounge in Disneyland? Is there live music in 1901? Any live music in the Florida clubs?

LilofanFeb 25, 2020

The cleaning crew is keeping the show nice and pretty!

Josh HendyFeb 25, 2020

I know next to nothing about this stuff but I appreciate that there is a lot of pretty deep thought that goes into using these styles in architecture and interior design. In a way, to dine in a restaurant that evokes a certain time and place is to step onto a stage and pretend you're of that era. Like a character in a costume drama. The upstairs lobby with the chandelier looks a bit "wow" ... like am I supposed to be a bohemian or a flapper here?

Animaniac93-98Feb 25, 2020

The real perk of Club 33 is that they have 2-ply toilet paper in the restrooms. That alone is worth 15K a year!

TP2000Feb 24, 2020

The aesthetic design here is more about the Art Nouveau style of Club 33, especially after its big 2013-24 refurbishment. It's clearly trying to play up the New Orleans Square look and Art Nouveau style of the early 1900's, but then as Haunted Mansion is literally right next door to Club 33's expanded footprint and the windows in the bar look right out at the Mansion area, the coincidence in your mind is very understandable. They really brought the Club 33 vibe forward in time a bit, from it's more obvious late Victorian or Edwardian era look it started with in the 1960's, to a look that is Art Nouveau on the cusp of becoming Art Moderne. (And frankly, the redecoration it got in the 1980's looks very dated and clunky now in comparison, and that's the look it still had when I first went to Club 33 in the 1990's). I'm no art historian, but that's what I get out of it anyway. You can see the French Art Nouveau influences once you are allowed into the courtyard before you go up these stairs, with the statuary and handrailing and lighting that looks like a 1910's upgrade on an original 1850's New Orleans townhouse... And then you arrive in this secondary upstairs lobby where we were checked-in for dinner and shown to the lounge for a bit, and this area is definitely Art Nouveau but also leaning towards the later Art Moderne period especially in the main chandelier in this space.. We'd probably need an Art Historian to clarify all that, as I may have my periods wrong there (Art Nouveau preceded Art Moderne, before it became Art Deco, right???), but that Christmas decoration was definitely designed to evoke the Club 33 vibe and aesthetics you experience in the main Disneyland facility in New Orleans Square. The 1901 vibe is decidedly more casual, and almost Bohemian in its aesthetic.

LilofanFeb 24, 2020

I knew someone familiar with Golden Oak. Some owners of the multi million dollar homes bought into Golden Oak as their third or fourth home and live in Asia or Europe most of the year.

CPS17Feb 24, 2020

Sounds fancy. We’re going to need addresses, makes/models and prices for everything. Thanks in advance.