Disney begins adding more digital roadway signs around Walt Disney World property

Jan 25, 2023 in "Magic Kingdom"

Digital Road Signs at Walt Disney World
Posted: Wednesday January 25, 2023 12:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's roadway signage refresh continues around Walt Disney World, with digital LED signage now being installed.

So far, three digital signs have been installed, with one on E Buena Vista Drive near Fantasia Gardens mini golf and a second on World Drive near the Walt Disney World Swan Reserve.

It isn't clear what purpose they will serve, but the information displayed may relate to theme park operating status or roadway closures.

Elsewhere on the roads, Disney continues to replace more purple signs with the new blue and yellow color scheme unveiled last year.

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DCBakerMay 13, 2023

Two new digital signs have been installed on World Drive - one heading North and one heading South.

Henry MysticApr 23, 2023

Does anyone else find the thread title to be funny?

DisoneApr 23, 2023

Funny enough the one that first turned on over Epcot world drive started with the new color scheme of blue and white. But is now is displaying its directions in the more wdw traditional red and purple. Just that one though. The others are still blue and white.

drnilescraneApr 02, 2023

I think day to day management of all CFTOD f/k/a RCID utilities including "water, natural gas, roadway maintenance, waste and recycling, sewage and wastewater treatment" has been subcontracted to Reedy Creek Energy Services. Which is Disney. So the board can't even control that.

Poseidon QuestApr 02, 2023

Since they're digital, I wonder if they would change the colors if enough people complained.

MagicHappens1971Apr 02, 2023

Per their agreement with the new board, Disney. I’m sure they always managed these on a day to day basis anyway though

Vegas Disney FanApr 02, 2023

That’s a good question, would Disney manage these or the new board?

Smiley/OCDApr 02, 2023

Or: MK: 40 minute wait for Dole Whips EP: Figment popcorn buckets sold out AK: Dinosaur-no lights or AA’s working… HWD: SW Galactic Starcruiser now 80% off…vacancy NOW… You know, useful information…

JoeCamelApr 02, 2023

Ahh but who really owns the signs?

TwirlnhurlApr 02, 2023

If they can use these signs to get rid of the crappy construction-style variable message signs, that would be a big improvement!

WondersOfLifeApr 02, 2023


BrianApr 01, 2023

They can also put up weird passive aggressive messages about Ron DeSantis on demand. Take for example: EPCOT NEXT RIGHT Ron, that suit just isn't your style.

WondersOfLifeApr 01, 2023

There are many things they can do with this... Especially if there is, say, a specifically big event going that can point folks in the right direction. Temporary Events Future additions (Resorts, park, whatever, ect.) Re-Routes to avoid high traffic peak times in certain locations/construction zones Indicating a park is closed off to guests due to capacity Indicating a water park is closed These can actually be very useful if used for these things...

BrianApr 01, 2023

It's so that they can page Mr. Morrow as needed.