Disney begins adding more digital roadway signs around Walt Disney World property

Jan 25, 2023 in "Magic Kingdom"

Digital Road Signs at Walt Disney World
Posted: Wednesday January 25, 2023 12:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's roadway signage refresh continues around Walt Disney World, with digital LED signage now being installed.

So far, three digital signs have been installed, with one on E Buena Vista Drive near Fantasia Gardens mini golf and a second on World Drive near the Walt Disney World Swan Reserve.

It isn't clear what purpose they will serve, but the information displayed may relate to theme park operating status or roadway closures.

Elsewhere on the roads, Disney continues to replace more purple signs with the new blue and yellow color scheme unveiled last year.

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Andrew25Jan 26, 2023

When I think about parking at Universal I just want to punch a wall. Way too many times at Disney/Universal do I see cars make wild maneuvers to get to the correct lane. You would think the same person responsible for requiring all the new safety systems implemented throughout the parks would notice that potential issue.

maxairmikeJan 26, 2023

That was my thought as well, try to encourage some to take an alternate route through property and inform of any backups/delays.

castlecake2.0Jan 26, 2023

Buena Vista Drive has become increasingly congested now that so many people use it to get to western way, I’m wondering if these signs will be used to help suggest alternate routes for guests. Example if you’re going from Disney Springs to All Stars or DAK Lodge during busy times it might be better to take victory way or world drive to Osceola parkway and help alleviate traffic on BV drive. Just my thought based on where I have been seeing these pop up.

JoeCamelJan 26, 2023

Universal is the same way, I think the signs are standard design and way too small

TwirlnhurlJan 26, 2023

I couldn't agree more. I feel like the current situation was the result of the introduction of Preferred Parking (to validate entry to the preferred lot) and an early period experimentinvolving variable message signs. I wish they would instead have overhead variable message lane assignment signs. It would be easier to read and look less cluttered.

Clyde BirdbrainJan 25, 2023

They need to get better signs for the split between regular, preferred and handicap parking. I don‘t have a picture of it and found the screenshot of Epcot below on Google Street View, but I can never read these tiny signs until I’m on top of them, and it always causes problems with cars merging left and right at the last moment. It’s ridiculous and a pet peeve of mine. With larger signs earlier and/or writing on the road the traffic would flow so much better. They may also not need a cast member there if the signs were better. That person can go drive a tram.

Smiley/OCDJan 25, 2023

Where’s Chappy when you need him…

Andrew CJan 25, 2023

Why DVC members though...too entitled...

Chip ChippersonJan 25, 2023

I could get on board with that. 🤣

larryzJan 25, 2023

I can do this all day...

larryzJan 25, 2023

larryzJan 25, 2023

castlecake2.0Jan 14, 2023

I was just coming here to comment on this, curious to see what they’re for. Traffic on BV Drive has been pretty bad lately with everyone using western way now, could it be something to do with that?