PHOTOS - Magic Kingdom main entrance improvements near completion

Dec 24, 2019 in "Magic Kingdom"

Magic Kingdom main entrance area construction - December 2019

The new main entrance area at the Magic Kingdom is nearing completion.

The removal of the security bag checks from directly in-front of the touch points has freed up a lot of space.

New planters can be found in the area, along with more open walkways.

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Article Posted: Dec 24, 2019 / 7:54am ET
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Magic FeatherAug 18, 2020

Ok. I’m under the impression that MK will be the last park to get them, and may not get them for a while. The sheer number of checkpoints that MK has, alongside the costlier nature of the machines/backordered nature of them, will make the MK’s 7 (and soon to be 8) security checkpoints the last to get them. I’m also under the partial impression that there may be some other challenges for implementing them at the Monorail stops.

RteetzAug 18, 2020


Magic FeatherAug 17, 2020

Just double checking: Currently Evolv scanners have been deployed to IG, AK, and HS, while still waiting on all MK and Epcot Main Entrance, right?

kevlightyearAug 17, 2020

New Animal Kingdom entrance added to map: Previous version for posterity:

RteetzAug 15, 2020

RiderJul 18, 2020

Four, I think. Two at each open lane. That seems to be enough for the crowds they have right now.

MagicWDIJul 18, 2020

So with a week or so of the new Envolv Express scanners at AK, how's everything going to far? I hear the only thing you need to take out is an umbrella? And you just hold it in front of you, no stopping. And since there are little to no photos of it in action, how many of the scanners do they have?

halltdJul 04, 2020

It's a good thing they built these MASSIVE new security checkpoints and still have the tents out front. :rolleyes: Couldn't they do the temp scanning at the same time as security checks? They must have a minimum requirement to keep these temporary tents around. LOL! They just won't die.

JoeCamelJul 04, 2020

Looks like everyone gets the mark of satan on their foreheads. Might use the thermals to single someone out of the crowd but they are not that reliable for mass scanning unless there is a dedicated chute. Nothing like that here. Pretty sure they think temp checks won't last long

TrainChasersJul 04, 2020

It never felt too small to me but the big improvement is now I won’t have to try to deal with security with a Joffreys in hand on my way into the park. (The Joffreys used to be right outside the security check, now it’s right inside the check.)

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsJul 04, 2020

Gotta ask about this (if you know).... Was Disney bright enough to use thermal IP cams? Or are they going to try to do this by hand?

TrainChasersJul 04, 2020

The post you quoted clearly said it was good news that the tram stops are completed because it added a 10 minute walk last fall. Nobody was suggesting the newly completed tram stops would add 10 minutes. Of course if no trams are running that WILL add a 10 minute walk in some cases.

marni1971Jul 04, 2020

Comparison time

Rose&CrownJul 04, 2020

The new AK entrance is such an improvement. The old security area was entirely too small. I also like how open the MK entrance feels