New Disney World permit shows plans to re-route Floridian Way and raises questions on future expansion near to Magic Kingdom

Oct 18, 2021 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday October 18, 2021 10:35am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has filed a new permit with the South Florida Water Management District for the World Drive redevelopment project at Walt Disney World.

The World Drive project has been underway for several years and has brought new flyovers and roadways to improve the traffic passing near the Magic Kingdom and the area resort hotels.

This latest filing shows that Floridan Way will be re-routed across the Oak Trail Golf Course and behind a parking facility for Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. (Thanks to @danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for location the permit)

Notable, this frees up a piece of land north of Disney's Grand Floridian Resort in very close proximity to Magic Kingdom.

It is far too early to suggest that a new resort or an expansion to Disney's Grand Floridian is in immediate plans. Still, the roadway changes mean that Disney may have some long-term plans for that piece of land and need to move Floridian Way to achieve it.

Disney sparked new interest in Magic Kingdom area resort possibilities this past summer when a simple barrier and fence installed near the Seven Seas Lagoon suggested that Disney may once again be exploring building on perhaps the most valuable piece of unbuilt land at Disney World near to Disney's Contemporary Resort.

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deWild8 days ago

I’m 100% okay with this.

HauntedPirate8 days ago

Are they putting in fencing/rails along on/off ramps? Saw small piles of dirt on several this morning.

Sirwalterraleigh9 days ago

Florida driving is not very good…and I drive in a lot of places that require “performance” driving. it doesn’t get a lot of play. I was going 91 on a 10 lane highway with cars about 15 feet apart the other day…and was getting passed a lot. Just moving with the “flow”🤪 the red light runners around Orlando are far more dangerous…If I’m honest

ImperfectPixie9 days ago

Compared to driving in Boston, I found it quite relaxing...but I WAS on vacation, so there's that, too. It's not like I was trying to just get something done and out of the way. The slower way of life is one of the things I like about the southern states...I think we put too much stress and pressure on everyone up here.

TiggerDad9 days ago

We do a lot of crazy stupid things while driving in crazy stupid traffic. It’s always an adjustment to drive in another part of the country where not everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere.

deWild9 days ago

Tom Sawyer Island

Sirwalterraleigh10 days ago

I just went through the Holland Tunnel a few minutes ago…eventually I’ll get the courage for Windermere 😉

Next Big Thing10 days ago

Joke all you want, but the area I’m talking about is extremely busy during rush hour in the morning and afternoon during week days.

Ayla11 days ago

Diverging diamonds are freaky the first time you drive through it, but they work amazing. No one has to turn left against oncoming traffic. At least they are controlled by stop lights!

Rhinocerous11 days ago

"There be wheels here..."

Sirwalterraleigh11 days ago

Windermere is only high volume when multiple polo matches are scheduled for the same time 😉

lazyboy97o11 days ago

They work well. They are designed to shift the traffic, not rely on people just changing over.

CntrlFlPete11 days ago

you lot are making me nervous about that Diamond Diversion they are building at exit 58 of I-4. I have never seen one, but (based on the way folks can't handle circles) it is sounding like there will be many head on collisions as traffic moves on the wrong side :coldfeet:

Next Big Thing11 days ago

Downtown Windermere here in Orlando is a great example of a high volume one that works great.