Walk Around the World Bricks to be removed around the Magic Kingdom and TTC

Mar 18, 2019 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday March 18, 2019 2:23pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The hexagonal Walk Around the World Bricks at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom and Transportation and Ticket Center will soon be retired and removed.

These personalized bricks were sold in the 1990's and were originally committed to be on display until 2011. The Walt Around the World program allowed guests to leave a message etched into a sponsored brick which was then laid in the walkway.

Guests who purchased a brick will be able to buy a souvenir version through to August 31 2019. To do so, you need to contact guest relations at the Magic Kingdom or email guest.services@disneyworld.com or call 407-828-2701 with the name and hometown of the guest who purchased the brick. A voucher will then be issued to buy a 6" commemorative brick for $10. The original brick will not be available for purchase.

The removal of the bricks comes at a time when Disney is reworking the arrival experiences at all four theme parks to improve the guest experience with security check points and tram stations.

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Beacon JoeMay 12, 2019

I enjoyed seeing all of the matrimony bricks from cities and towns across Japan. Not sad to see them go, as many were deteriorating badly.

heliumaliasMay 12, 2019

No they don’t. US shipping only. TBH that’s probably the thing I’m most annoyed about. Especially as they said the replicas would only be available for a limited time. Doesn’t give anyone international much time to get one.

trainplane3Apr 29, 2019

No problem, glad I could help. I figured you already searched so for all we know, they put the bricks up 3 minutes before I tried my search.

JenniferSApr 29, 2019

Read the thread. Or use the search function. This has been addressed umpteen times.

Kram SaculApr 29, 2019

The bricks were basically Leave a Legacy 1.0. Well meaning but ultimately ugly and in the way.

MovieloverApr 28, 2019

shernernumApr 28, 2019

Of all the things (financially) to get bent out of shape with Disney over, this has got to be one of the dumbest. The bricks were contracted, the contract is long since over. Disney has decided to change the walkways. They don't owe anybody anything, and they aren't twisting anyone's arm to buy the commemorative bricks. The only thing I would even be remotely irritated at is if the take home ones are truly "cheap." But, if that is the case, then the responsibility of the fan community is the get the word out that the product is low quality...buyer beware, and hope the sales then tank and Disney learns a lesson (unfortunately it will probably never happen and pixie dusters are always gonna pixie dust). Seriously though, getting outraged over this kind of stuff is an example of why no one takes the fan community seriously when they get upset over legitimate issues. If those in charge can write off the segment of the fan community that actually cares as "chronic" complainers who will gripe over everything (which many will do), then they can justify ignoring the legitimate complaints.

MovieloverApr 28, 2019

In a way more than what they paid since the bricks lasted way past their end of life date...

peter11435Apr 28, 2019

The people already got exactly what they “paid so much money for”

bjlc57Apr 28, 2019

Do you Expect that Disney is going to stay in Business just because of some little thing like a Marvel Movie? Those don't hardly make any money or any profit.. aren't you watching the news this weekend.. DO YOU think that DISNEY.. Poor Disney is MAKING MONEY THIS WEEKEND.. oh come on.. think again.. soon they will be selling pencils in the subway.. hoping to make it through to the weekend...

bjlc57Apr 28, 2019

see.. you don't under stand .. YOU ALREADY PAID DISNEY FOR THE BRICK.. and Disney is close to being broke SO YOU NEED TO PAY FOR IT AGAIN.. because fool you once shame on YOU.. but you can't expect Disney to Fool you twice.. YOU NEED THIS COMMORATIVE.. and you paid dearly for it once.. and Disney is going toward the poor farm.. So you need to pay again.. can't you understand..? You NEED TO BE FOOLED TWICE.. so you get the full effect and Disney can afford to keep the lights on and so forth and so on...

tmstepheApr 28, 2019

I had previously searched the site for “paver”, “brick”, and “walk around the world” to no avail. Thanks for the assist!

peter11435Apr 28, 2019

No guests purchased bricks; they purchased the ability to have their name displayed on Disney’s brick for a specified period of time. That time as now long past.

RteetzApr 28, 2019

Because it would be nearly impossible to remove each brick completely without damaging them. There are thousands of them.