Things are about to go into overdrive at Magic Kingdom says Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro

Sep 09, 2023 in "Magic Kingdom"

Beyond Big Thunder Mountain Blue Sky concept art
Posted: Saturday September 9, 2023 10:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Bruce Vaughn, Chief Creative Officer at Walt Disney Imagineering, joined parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro for a special "Blue Sky" look at what's coming to the Walt Disney World.

According to Bruce, future expansion plans for Magic Kingdom in Florida are the largest ever for the park.

Imagineers are looking to tell stories "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" similar in scale to lands like Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Pandora – The World of Avatar – adding new attractions, restaurants, shows, and more.

When announced in 2022, the proposed new land behind Big Thunder Mountain at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom would include experiences based on Disney animation stories including Coco, Encanto and villains.

Vaughn said, "last year, you said we're looking to tell stories beyond Big Thunder Mountain which is still true. I mean, there's a lot of room to play with around there. And we're looking at the possibility of adding new attractions, restaurants, shows, you dream it we're thinking about it. And like I said, the ideas are looking really great."

D'Amaro responded to Vaughn's comments, "There's still a long way to go. But I just want all of our fans to know that we are about to go into overdrive at the Magic Kingdom. And I am looking forward to spending more time with your team as we keep refining these ideas to create something really special that every single person in here is going to love."

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MisterPenguin1 hour ago

A fan community, who, when they *don't* get info about things in the works: accuses Disney of having no plans and doing nothing accuses Disney of having bad advertising skills and plans accuses Disney of disrespecting their fans accuses Disney of budget cutting things that were never budgeted to begin with accuses Disney of incompetency by having problems getting things done as the reason for not filling us in on a project's status accuses Disney of being evil incarnate (the anti-everything-Disney faction using this as a canard)

lazyboy97o1 hour ago

So what? It’s not John Q. Public that’s here kvetching over something that Disney has done for decades. Disney sold postcards with concept art for Thunder Mesa on it before Walt Disney World even opened. The first Disneyland includes a version of New Orleans Square that was never built with a wax museum and thieve’s market, Edison Square and Liberty Street, which was even advertised in the park on a giant wall in the same spot that also advertised the never built International Street.

James Alucobond3 hours ago

Yes, members of the press attending the conference will write about it. Yes, Disney wants people to know about the announcements so that D23 is appealing and continues to sell out. People are paying for a look behind the curtain, and the inevitable result of that is that the information then becomes widely available. If Universal Creative were an entity with as much marketable cultural cachet as Imagineering, they might monetize their creative process as well, but that’s also kind of irrelevant. The point being made is that the processes are not all that different; it’s just that more of the process has been exposed in one case, at the behest of an eager segment of the public.

Bocabear3 hours ago

It also showed up on news feeds...

lazyboy97o6 hours ago

They released it to a fan community that spends hours a day trying to suss out what they are working on. A fan community that knows about dozens of projects that never were but were shared, going back decades. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad sits on the site of one such project.

Rhinocerous6 hours ago

Oompa-loompa-doompety-doo I've got a plan for lying to you...

Bocabear6 hours ago

It wasn't just realeased to the D23 members...It was widely talked about by Disney, etc. If it gets to the point where they are going to release the info to the Fan community, they should at least have a more concrete idea if they will build it or not... It is not like someone walked through Willy Wonka's factory and saw something on someone's desk about the Everlasting gobstopper and that person told everyone... Willy Wonka created a press release about the Everlasting gobstopper and then decided not to make it.....

Kev19826 hours ago

Nothing is happening beyond thunder mountain. Its to throw you all off for D23 where they ll announce a 5th park allready constructed and ready for opening😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

lazyboy97o6 hours ago

And again, this is nonsense hypocrisy from people who have gone out of their way to be someplace dedicated to that sort of information. You’ve been begging Wonka to let you in and now your mad that he did.

Bocabear7 hours ago

Difference is Universal did not have a huge marketing and Fan based event to start talking up the new lands and attractions....and then cut them after constructin started... They were pretty quiet about everything they were doing ...

eddie1047 hours ago

Gosh every time I read your posts it’s like a breath of fresh air.

lazyboy97o7 hours ago

That should tell you how long these projects actually take even at Universal. Waterworld was considered. Entirely indoor lands were considered. Building out the existing parks and delaying the new park was considered. Universal even received building permits for three attractions that are not being built, one of which was then “What if-ed” for Universal Studios Florida. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It’s just the nonsense of people who claim to want to know what is being considered being big mad when they get what they say they want.

danlb_20009 hours ago

The difference is that Universal didn't discuss the What Ifs in a big public presentation.