PHOTOS - A new way to charge your devices in the parks with FuelRod kiosks

Jul 07, 2016 in "Magic Kingdom"

FuelRod kiosk

Disney has partnered with mobile charging kiosk operator FuelRod, to bring a new way to charge your devices to the Disney World theme parks.

The FuelRod kiosks (each themed to the area of the park where they are located) enable you to purchase a FuelRod portable charger with a credit card, and have the ability to make an exchange at any FuelRod kiosk for another fully charged FuelRod charger.

FuelRod expects its device to add around 8 hours of charge to a phone, or 4 hours to a tablet.

For a one off fee of $30, you get a FuelRod charger, complete with a 6” USB Type-A to micro-USB cable, which is used by most Android devices, an Apple 30-pin to USB cable, and an Apple Lightning to USB cable. The charger and cables belong to you once purchased.

Although you can exchange your FuelRod for a fully charged device at anytime, you can also charge the FuelRod yourself with any USB charger.

Disney has previously tested various charging solutions, including kiosks that store your phone in a locked chamber to recharge, as well as adding various charging areas in the parks that require you to bring your own charger and cable. 

There is no doubt that the FuelRod solution is a useful service, particularly with the ability to exchange it for another fully charged battery at any time. A family visiting with multiple devices could make good use of this during a trip. But for a single user, it would be significantly cheaper to purchase one of the many USB charging devices that retail for around $10, and ensure it is charged in the hotel before heading to the parks.

FuelRod kiosk locations at Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

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  • Big Top Souvenirs
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café
  • Curtain Call Collectibles


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Article Posted: Jul 07, 2016 / 2:45pm EDT