New Floridian Place northern roadway to open next week behind the Magic Kingdom

Jul 03, 2019 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday July 3, 2019 2:53pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has been busy over the last few years making a number of changes to the area around the northern edge of property behind the Magic Kingdom, and the latest addition - the Floridian Place extension, will now open for traffic on July 10 2019.

The new Floridian Place extension will link Reams Road and Floridian Way - putting drivers just behind the Grand Floridan Resort without passing through backstage areas.

The new four-lane road should greatly enhance traffic flow for motorists coming from the north of the Magic Kingdom heading into the Walt Disney World Resort area. Previous to this road, drivers have to pass through the North service area of the Magic Kingdom on slow roads that frequently become congested. It will also mean that road closures during firework shows will no longer prevent any traffic reaching Reams Road from Floridian Way.

Thousands of houses have already been built north of the Magic Kingdom, with many more to come, and this new road provides a much more robust route. 

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DCBakerJul 24, 2021

DCBakerJul 10, 2021

WDWtravelerJun 29, 2021

Photo update as of Tuesday, June 29, 2021. Overpass beams for the new Floridan Way overpass are in place now. This overpass connects Floridan Way south to World Drive south, near the gas station south of the Magic Kingdom parking lot. This is the view from the exit road south of the Magic Kingdom parking lot, with the retention pond in the foreground that used to be the WDW Speedway track. The gas station would be to the left of this photo.

ryguyMay 22, 2021

The road improvements the last few years have been well done. The flow is much better now.

castlecake2.0May 22, 2021

This is progressing somewhat quickly. I hope it gets the same landscaping package as the other side did.

DCBakerMay 22, 2021

peter11435Apr 21, 2021


wedenterprisesApr 21, 2021

sorry if this has been asked - so this new road means you won't have to cut across the TTC to get to the GF when heading north?

DCBakerApr 21, 2021

drnilescraneMar 16, 2021

That's the problem though - the geometry of the road means you can't see who is coming towards you from Seven Seas when driving north, you just know that they potentially won't stop (even if they are probably turning right). Now that movement is rarer I wish they'd turn it into a stop until it is rebuilt completely.

castlecake2.0Mar 16, 2021

I guess it’s because I’m usually driving through there at off peak times. I just always thought it was a cool design you’d never see anywhere else lol. Also the intersection isn’t as busy now that you can go south on world drive on the auto plaza side.

maxairmikeMar 16, 2021

That thing was the bane of my existence for several years, and it can't go away soon enough. It's great if you're going south on Floridian Way or west on Seven Seas, but if you have to go north on Floridian or left onto Seven Seas during park hours...

LilofanMar 16, 2021

You mean that weird intersection where each car guesses who will go first? I won't miss it .

castlecake2.0Mar 15, 2021

I hope we don’t lose that cool intersection at seven seas and Floridian way. also I hope they continue to add some landscaping around these projects so it doesn’t look so barren