New details revealed for EPCOT's new nighttime spectacular Luminous debuting late 2023 at Walt Disney World

23 days ago in "Luminous the Symphony of Us"

Posted: Saturday September 9, 2023 10:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle today revealed new details on the upcoming nighttime spectacular opening in late 2023 at EPCOT in Walt Disney World.

The new show will be titled Luminous the Symphony of Us and will debut on December 5, 2023.

Vahle said that Luminous will be a "Brand new show filled with fireworks, fountains, lasers, lighting effects. Fabulous Disney music. Luminous is going to touch your heart. And it's going to continue our long tradition of amazing nighttime entertainment EPCOT. I cannot wait for you to see it."

Luminous will replace the current interim show EPCOT Forever.

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Epcot82Guy36 minutes ago

Workshopping two titles: "Epcot4Ever: This ended up costing more than Guardians and Moana Combined" "Epcot 4Ever: Missing IllumiNations Yet?" And less. But, more cupcakes.

gerarar1 hour ago

Epcot Forever 4.0 incoming. Bets on more / less pyro?

Squishy1 hour ago

Epcot Forever is Forever

TTA941 hour ago

I hope whatever it is it isn’t a one night thing for NYE. I also hope it isn’t something that gets put behind a paywall.

Joel1 hour ago

Epcot Forever wasn't a threat. It was a promise.

jrhwdw2 hours ago

last showing in 2023.........Anyone else find that wording interesting?? It speaks to me like...EF might not be done yet.....

MisterPenguin2 hours ago

Florida Man2 hours ago

I always left Epcot with a sense of hope and unity of the World after watching illuminations. Thats exactly what an Epcot nighttime spectacular should convey. Never got that feeling with Harmonious. I hope they don’t miss that target with Luminous.

SaucyBoy3 hours ago

I'm cringing because Disney has yet to give us a show that conveys this message as good as IllumiNations did.

jrhwdw3 hours ago

As nice as that would be, I almost hope a new every night thing like OUAT for MK If it's for NYE, we won't hear any thing till about a week before Christmas......... I wish we had more clues but totally understand if Steve can't share more.

Starship8244 hours ago

Interesting theory, maybe an updated Wishes for NYE instead?

Squishy5 hours ago

Please no

Mkek226 hours ago

Maybe a replacement for fantasy in the sky?

TTA948 hours ago

Ah well that’s good. Do you think many of us will be happy with the news? or is it not any that exciting?