A look at the new 'Spirited Beasts' exhibit at Epcot's Japan pavilion

Jul 22, 2010 in "Japan (Pavilion)"

Posted: Thursday July 22, 2010 10:49am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff
The Bijutsu-kan gallery at Epcot's Japan pavilion has just opened a new exhibit - 'Spirited Beasts from Ancient Stories to Anime Stars'. Located at the back of the pavilion across the formidable looking bridge, the exhibit displays artwork and figures from Japan's manga comics and anime that have become worldwide pop culture hits around the world. For any manga and anime fans, this exhibit is a must see, and even for those who aren't fans, it's well worth a visit to see some new really unique and interesting art. The exhibit is expected to run for at least a year, so check it out on your next trip. Below is a quick photo tour around the exhibit, as always, click the thumbnails for the large versions.

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