EPCOT's World Showcase concrete improvements move to the Japan pavilion

Mar 04, 2022 in "Japan (Pavilion)"

Japan Pavilion concrete work
Posted: Friday March 4, 2022 11:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Japan is the latest EPCOT World Showcase pavilion to get refreshed concrete work.

Crews have been working over the last couple of weeks removing sections and replacing with a new textured design.

The old, pink colored smooth concrete is gradually being removed, and over the last year new concrete has been installed at France and Morocco. 

Work is still in progress at Japan, but the pavilion remains open as normal.

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DCBakerDec 10, 2022

Appears that area has been finished -

DisneyfanMAOct 03, 2022

Thanks for this update. Gets me excited with anticipation.... I'll be at this very spot in about 40 days to end our week there.

Disstevefan1Oct 03, 2022

Ah yes, the Experimental Prototype Concrete Of Tomorrow, starring Moana ;)

tparrisOct 03, 2022

The took that sign out so long ago I kinda forgot it was ever there lol

James AlucobondOct 03, 2022

That’s where the ground-level signage for the monorail is supposed to go, seen here: Hopefully that means they’re close to replacing it. Also worth noting that World Showcase pavement is progressing as well, having moved on to Italy and China.

tparrisOct 03, 2022

Also, there’s a spot by the monorail station that’s been filled in with plywood for a while now, but today I saw a guy measuring or leveling it with something.

tparrisOct 03, 2022

Bumping this thread as more pavement has been replaced in between Cosmic Rewind and Connections, and they’ve finally begun slicing up some pavement in FW West/World Nature, over by The Seas. They’re also starting to prep some pavement for replacement in front of the Locker & Restroom area by the West construction bypass. A lot of the old walkways really are quite rough looking, with cracks and tons of obvious patchwork having accumulated over the years, so this is a nice update. I’ve also grown to prefer the new style of concrete in FW, I find my shoes have a better grip with the new walkways, not to mention I think it looks much nicer as well with the flowing lines and different shades. I can’t believe I just wrote a paragraph about concrete lol

michmousefanJun 30, 2022

I would think they are waiting until the rest of the paths west to World Nature are set, so looking more like 2029.

James AlucobondJun 28, 2022

I'm sure they'll just do it in chunks at some point like they do everywhere else. The exit from Connections is in the new style, so I doubt they abandoned their plans. Otherwise, they'd have matched it.

Haymarket2008Jun 28, 2022

Have been wondering the same thing. It looks like they've only done the area surrounding Guardians and thats it.

tparrisJun 28, 2022

Slightly off-topic, but it still has to do with concrete in EPCOT. Does anyone here have any idea when they might start replacing the pavement in World Discovery, specifically around the breezeway? The crazy pattern that’s there now really clashes with the aesthetic of all the redevelopments in that area of the park. Based on concept art and what we’ve already seen in other areas, it seems they’re going to redo essentially all of the pavement in the park at some point. I’m curious as to why it hasn’t been done in World Discovery yet considering that side of the park is all but complete now aside from Play.

AschwenkerJun 28, 2022

Having just returned from a trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, on which the Germany pavilion is based, and Paris; I can say the building accuracy is alarmingly on par. My wife and I commented on how remarkably similar both places looked to their country's pavilions. I forget where I read it, but when Disney was designing the EPCOT pavilions, back when the countries were still invovled, Disney wanted to replicate Berlin or Cologne and the German delegation refused and insisted on using Rothenburg. The glockenspiel and fountain at the heart of the EPCOT pavilion are based on similar items in Rothenburg. Side note, Rothenburg was also the inspiration for the set design in Pinocchio and served as the capital of Vulgaria in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The roads and sidewalks in Rothenburg absolutely use the fan cobblestone pattern. I hope Disney doesn't replicate the unevenness of the cobblestones though...

James AlucobondJun 19, 2022

Now that I think about it, once Germany is done, Italy is probably next since they've redone the pavement at Morocco, France, Japan, and Germany in quick succession, leaving Italy as the only one surrounding America that hasn't been touched to my knowledge. I suppose it did get some attention when they put in the permanent gelato shop, though.

boufaJun 18, 2022

Hopefully more than 1 person. I disagree with your premise that it's deliberate. I think it adds up mostly because we are used to it and it provides contrast between pavillions. With all of the glaring holes, I find it surprising that anyone thinks these pavilions have any sort of accuracy. They are suggestive of their home countries, and for the 90% of people who visit Epcot and will never get to these countries, they are close enough to do the job. (I will say that there is a street corner in Marseille, France that when I stood there recently for the first time I thought "This reminds me of Epcot")