PHOTOS - New meet and greet area constructed at the Japan Pavilion to celebrate Japanese youth culture

Mar 05, 2015 in "Japan (Pavilion)"

Posted: Thursday March 5, 2015 8:45am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

What appears to be a new meet and greet area has been constructed at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase.

Located behind the bridge spanning the pond, and adjacent to the Katsuri Grill, the new area also includes queue space.

It would seem this may be the location for an upcoming Harajuku meet and greet which Disney has recently been holding auditions. From the Disney Auditions website:

"Disney Creative Entertainment is seeking female performers for a new offering at the Walt Disney World® Resort, near Orlando, FL, celebrating the Tokyo neighborhood of Harajuku, known internationally as the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion.

Potential performers should be comfortable with fashion modeling, as well as posing and interacting with Disney Park guests while in costume. Knowledge of history and interest in Japanese culture and language is a plus."

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Thumper 32Oct 21, 2015

Pretty sure that's all it was ever supposed to be, I think a few different rumors got crossed up on this one.

BocabearOct 20, 2015

last time I was there it was just overflow seating for the restaurant nearby...

ABQOct 20, 2015

Found myself wondering whatever happened to this new meet and greet when reading about the updated to the Japan pavilion gallery. They built out the new space but are they using it at all yet?

MickeyPeaceMar 12, 2015

I've seen their videos on YouTube couple years ago. Lol sign them up for wine and dine if Harajuku girls hit Japan. Might as well sign up Gwen Stefani for wine and dine since she used to pimp the Harajuku girls on her tours and she's now a has star from the past.

MickeyPeaceMar 12, 2015

I've seen Siouxie in concert twice! Lene never but that would have been incredible. So either one!

Texas84Mar 12, 2015

Sign them up for Wine & Dine.

ABQMar 12, 2015

If they're going to broach on risqué and niche, then why not let Babymetal perform in the pavilion?



MotherOfBirdsMar 12, 2015

Recovering weeaboo checking in. My friends and I would've loved this back in our high school days.

Matt_BlackMar 11, 2015

In theory, I agree, though there's no way they could make it look right in real life. Without the cuts and sped-up frame rates, it's just people moving about with wacky music. Also, every Benny Hill chase has at least one woman getting accidentally stripped to her undergarments, and that AIN'T gonna happen in WDW.

Cmdr_CrimsonMar 11, 2015

I'd rather have a Benny Hill Chase going on...

Matt_BlackMar 11, 2015

Honestly? If you're going to have a roving character, fork over some money to the BBC and use the Push/ R2 technology to have a Dalek running around.

NYBalooMar 11, 2015

England, hmmm lets see.....England....lets go with Siouxsie or Lene Lovich!

MickeyPeaceMar 11, 2015

I am so with you. I actually saw her perform in NYC back in the day. And she was awesome but....a punk goddess with her mohawked "fiancé" sitting on stage with his arms crossed giving dirty looks to anyone who may touch his future wife. If Disney incorporates Harajuku girls into Japan, they MUST have (an old, lol) Nina Hagen play or wander Germany. If this happens, I can book the rest of the countries around World Showcase. England, hmmm lets see.....