Haunted Mansion reopens from refurbishment a week ahead of schedule

Dec 12, 2014 in "Haunted Mansion"

Posted: Friday December 12, 2014 8:31am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom reopened last night nearly a week ahead of its planned refurbishment completion.

The mansion was originally expected to be closed from December 1 through to December 19 2014.

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WildflowerDec 15, 2014

Went Friday, rode and were told it was officially a "soft opening" and could close at any time. Didn't notice much different aside from the mentioned wallpaper fix. We WERE able to make FP+ for Sunday (means it's officially open I guess?)....went to ride and it was shut down with everyone in line made to leave as well. Ah well.

mikenatcity1Dec 15, 2014

Us too! At 7pm we saw people going up to the Mansion and the cast members said the Mansion was officially opening for the party. I was so excited! A couple things seemed fresher than prior. Our friend with us hadn't been since 1979 and was so sad it was closed until the party. That was a great christmas gift in deed :)

Mike SDec 14, 2014

Were you in the room on the right?

doctornickDec 14, 2014

Hey, Hot Topic sells Underroos now. They deserve some credit.

TheGhostWithTheMostDec 14, 2014

Wall paper is fixed in the stretch room. This was to get new load and unload belts.

tenchikissDec 14, 2014

We were at the Christmas Party on Thursday and at around 5 o clock we saw quite a few cast members in front of the Haunted Mansion despite us knowing it was down for refurbishment. We thought it was odd and went on our way. Later in the night when we were in search of cookies we noticed it was up and running so off we went. We aren't experts by any means so we can't remember every detail of this ride to compare differences. We did notice that the man/skeleton in the coffin (not the graveyard one) was making noises. Like he was calling out for help when he was pushing the coffin open. That was pretty cool. We talked to some cast members after the ride and they implied (in a nice Disney way) that they were pushed into opening this ride early thus perhaps some things didn't get done this time around. But one of the cast members said something of the things that were fixed hadn't worked since 2007. X____X Everything seemed nice to me and brighter. I can't comment on any torn wallpaper as I never noticed that before.

heath.sneydDec 14, 2014

Haven't been in 10 years, but just my 2 cents... There's a reason most of us who shop at larger malls stay away from Hot Topic. If you give the WDW HM the HMH overlay, might as well change the Momento Mori to Hot Topic as well. Nothing is more annoying than all these kids running around, pissed off at the world, acting like they don't want to be anywhere they're at, except for the fact it's TNBC themed and they got on their Jack Skellington tees. Get happy or go home! I shall now step off my soapbox.

Mike SDec 14, 2014

It could be in DHS. Or, a fifth park ;) @ParentsOf4 makes a good argument that a new park is needed at WDW for capacity reasons so why not put NBC there?

Rosso11Dec 14, 2014

At this point in time I do not believe The Nightmare Before Christmas should be a seasonal overlay on the Haunted Mansion. It has now stood the test of time and is no longer just a cult classic. It has proved to not only be a Holloween but a Christmas classic in many households. It has proved to Disney that is sells loads of merchandise year in and year out 20 years after it's release. It deserves more than an overlay. In my opinion it should have its own mini land at MGM. Holloween town should be built with a classic dark ride, stores and a resturant. You should be able to wonder around Holloween town in a fully themed environment. It should be the centerpiece of Disney's slightly scarier Holloween party they have been trying to launch for years. Then for Christmas obviously decorated for Christmas with its own unique twist. The Nightmare Before Christmas deserves more than a seasonal overlay. Much more

EPCOTCenterLoverDec 14, 2014

Since my last 5 or 6 visits to DLR have been in October thru December (due to work), I haven't seen regular Mansion in years. I miss it! I think HMH is good and in parts excellent, but I'm not a big fan of the characters of the movie. I'd rather have the original.

Sage of TimeDec 14, 2014

No, but please realize I respect your admiration of HMH. I just don't have it. Wish I did. DL from Oct-January would be easier to deal with, if I did. haha.

Californian ElitistDec 13, 2014

Then it looks like there's no point in going back and forth anymore.

Sage of TimeDec 13, 2014

If you have to bring in semantics, sure, but I see it as clutter. That's all I have to say. HMH isn't by thing.

Californian ElitistDec 13, 2014

Well the definition of "clutter" is not opinionated, so if something doesn't match the definition, it's not clutter. That would be like calling a tugboat a ship. You can claim a tugboat is a ship, but it's not at the end of the day.