Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

13 days ago in "Haunted Mansion"

Posted: Sunday September 11, 2022 2:38pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Announced today at D23 Expo, the Hatbox Ghost character will be added to the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion with a debut set for 2023.

The addition of the Hatbox Ghost to Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion comes after years of speculation, and its return to the Disneyland Haunted Mansion in 2015.

Disney did not say if the Haunted Mansion will be closing to add the new Hatbox Ghost scene.

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JustInTime1 day ago

I fully agree. Sadly, it has made the forums unbearable. I mostly read topic titles and slim threads now. Btw - you definitely contribute to some of the cynicism. But it’s hard not to.

Epcot82Guy1 day ago

As my joke becomes Constance's next victim... Jk. πŸ˜‰πŸͺ“πŸ˜±

HMF1 day ago

I am fairly certain that WDI intends the beating heart bride to be an earlier incarnation of Constance.

Epcot82Guy2 days ago

In a surprise twist, Constance marries the beating heart bride.

HMF2 days ago

They'll never do it. They've invested too much into the Constance back-story.

Magicart872 days ago

Nice! And how great would it be if they could bring back the beating heart bride?! Sounds like a winning combination.

180ΒΊ2 days ago

Florida's lack of attic pianist would hypothetically allow them to do the original DL arrangement: Bride in the first window (where the piano is in DL), and Hat Box Ghost in beating-heart-bride's old spot (across the track from where Constance is now). They'll probably end up just cloning the current DL setup though.

Touchdown3 days ago

He isn’t going in his original spot, most likely, he will be located just outside the attic on the roof. That’s where he is at DL, and MK and DL share the same layout after their stairwell scenes.

FigmentFan823 days ago

Rode HM this weekend and tried to picture placement for HBG. I think there's going to be a little finessing required so that you can notice both the bride and HBG. I don't think it'll be as easy as just dropping him in.

Jrb19793 days ago

I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I understand Disney's side of it. On the guest side of it I have asked why they don't want more original attractions like Epcot originally had. A lot the answers were if they want that they can go visit a regional park. They come to Disney for the IP.

RSoxNo13 days ago

They have absolutely been building quite a bit from 2017-2023. That shouldn't be dismissed. That being said, they didn't build much from 2007-2017 so you could argue that they're playing catchup. Add in the fact that Universal has been adding a new ride each year and 13 more in 2025 and it's hard not to be underwhelmed by the lack of announcements at D23. This tells me that the earliest we will see a new ride after TRON would be 2026. As for the Hatbox Ghost himself. I'm glad he's being added, but as an effect, it's less impressive as a digital effect. I think that takes away some of the mystique and it's more about adding a cool character to the Mansion. Now that The Hatbox Ghost has been announced, can we be done updating attractions that aren't broken? There are plenty of other attractions that need love, but every Imagineer wants to put their stamp on Pirates and the Mansion. I would have loved to been a part of the "Bob Chapek schmoozes with bloggers" dinner after the Expo so that I could pick his brain. He has made no secret that they should be leveraging their IP at any possible moment. What I want to ask him is "why?" So far his only answer has been, "because if other companies had it, they would be doing it". That's not a satisfactory answer for me. Is it simply about brand recognition? As simple minded theme park fans we gravitate towards merch sales, but that's not enough of a driver to choose IP over quality. You don't spent $220 million on a Ratatouille attraction to fund the adjacent merchandise cart. If you make decisions that way, you'll be out of business. That brings me to dinoland. The apparent desire to remove dinosaurs from the park seems incredibly short sighted. Just because "dinosaurs" as a group of animals haven't produced a successful Disney movie, doesn't mean that dinosaurs themselves can't be a driver for attendance. I can't believe Disney is so delusional to think that without the familiarity and backing of a corresponding movie they won't visit a themed area. So it must simply be brand recognition over all else. Their strategy is to showcase Disney brands at all costs. Familiarity over quality. Familiarity over everything. This is also a tacit admission that the various movie studios are more integral to the creative future of the company than anything else. By pushing movie based IP over original concepts they are stating that the creative teams working on motion pictures are more creative than the creative teams working on theme park attractions. They're sidelining or otherwise restricting creative people which is horrible practice. No amount of money thrown at a fundamentally flawed process is going to fix that process.

Crazydisneyfanluke8 days ago

Just in time for the 50th!

TDLFan8 days ago

Would be cool if they threw in the top hat piano player effect like in Disneyland's attic. I know we have the original downstairs but it's cool to think the shadow figure followed us to the attic.

eddie1048 days ago

Exactly all the complaining and whining gets very old. This is their flagship property in the states and we constantly gets lots of love contrary to popular belief. The MK is about to potentially get expanded considerably if the blue sky plans come to fruition. Yes we all want them to build more rides at the other parks but it takes time and money. People need to start appreciating the small things WDW has to offer because we are truly spoiled.