VIDEO - Unboxing the Haunted Mansion Ghost Relations Department Ghost Post

Apr 07, 2016 in "Haunted Mansion"

Posted: Thursday April 7, 2016 1:17pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Remember the $199 Haunted Mansion 3 month subscription box that was announced last month - the Ghost Relations Department Ghost Post?

Shipments have gone out for the first month, and the MishMashNetwork has posted an unboxing video. If you are curious what's inside - check out the video.

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zooeyJun 28, 2016

these boxes still sell for three times their cost on eBay so saying they're not worth the money is moot. They clearly are.

EthanMagicBandsJun 28, 2016

Looks like I was correct! A "thank you" box just announced it was shipping. I'm curious to see what goodies are inside.

Keith RichardsonJun 03, 2016

The cards from the box? I have scans of all of them from the first 2 boxes. For the last box, I only scanned the aces.

Keith RichardsonJun 03, 2016

I was able to go last month and the in-park interactions were pretty cool, although people did look at me like I was a nut. The audio I got on the ride was actually different because it was after I had done the second box so, the ghosts in the ballroom were talking about how I had discovered the secret room there and told me where it was. The hitchhikers also had different audio. So, it is interesting that they really put some extra work into this aspect.

WhatJaneSaysJun 03, 2016

This might be a long shot but if anyone out there with access to the playing/tarot cards from this would be willing to scan or take some good photos of them for me I'd be extremely grateful.

MissMJun 03, 2016

There's in-park aspect as well apparently. Disneyland only but it looks interesting.

Keith RichardsonJun 03, 2016

In retrospect, no, I don't think it was worth the amount they charged. When they first announced the box, I jumped in because it was limited and I thought I was going to get over $250 worth of cool, limited edition mansion related items. What I got instead for the most part, was a bunch of cardboard and paper items that were good for to do whatever trick they were trying to pull off at the time and that's it. There is no real value to the items outside of the experience. And I have to be honest, a lot of the activities were not fun. Following a bunch of steps in three separate mathematically rigged card tricks so you can have your "is this your card?" moment is not fun. Typing out words on a board, one letter at a time, in order to spell out incantations...monotonous. And the story was a little strange. In the first box, you can reflect in your teacup that you have to beware of Madame Leota and the ghosts talk about not wanting her to know what they were doing but, she was totally on board with everything. I was expecting some sort of big twist where she was behind everything and I needed to stop her somehow. It felt like I was paying them to be part of an experiment. Would people pay to do something like this? What kind of tricks can we do with the capabilities of the iPhone? Can we use the bluetooth technology of the phone to have people interact with things in the park?

yaksplatJun 03, 2016

Thanks for the post. In retrospect, do you think it was worth it? I think the items are certainly cool, but I don't think I'd spend that much for them. I guess it's more of the experience than the swag.

Keith RichardsonJun 03, 2016

Here is my unboxing for the final Ghost Post! Thanks to everyone that checked out the last two videos!

FigmentJediMay 06, 2016

Didn't realize Hynden Walch was in on this when looking at the clips from the first box

StevekMay 06, 2016

Still doesn't look even remotely interesting to me. Just can't fathom spending the money on it.

glvsav37May 06, 2016

marked for later...thanks for sharing

Keith RichardsonMay 06, 2016

Last month, the unboxing video I made for the first Ghost Post box got shared here are got a lot of views so, I thought I would share with you the next installment! This time, I used a lot of audio from the app so you get a better feeling of the full experience. Thanks to everybody that checked out the first video and I hope you enjoy this one!

StevekApr 10, 2016

I don't.