PHOTOS and VIDEO - Haunted Mansion queue area expansion and ghost projections

Mar 03, 2011 in "Haunted Mansion"

Posted: Thursday March 3, 2011 9:34am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff
Here is a latest look at the Haunted Mansion queue extension construction at the Magic Kingdom which is now expected to open later this month. Along with the extended queue offering more capacity and full wheelchair access, the new queue area will add a new scene to the Mansion with interactive elements.

Also coming soon to the Mansion is a new Hitchhiking Ghost scene that will use a similar projection effect to that used in Nemo over at Epcot in the Living Seas. The projected graphics will replace the animated figures and will allow a lot more flexibility in what they can do. They will appear to float around guests and can handle slow downs and stops of the ride system in a new way. Currently a temporary effect is in place with projections taking place onto black curtains, blocking the mirrors. In the final effect, the mirrors will be used as before, so you will see yourself riding along with the new animated hitchhiking ghost. For a look at the temporary effect that is in place now, head to our video browser here.

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