Motion sickness bags now being offered to riders at Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind rollercoaster

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Posted: Friday May 27, 2022 1:38pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Motion sickness at Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind appears to be a more widespread problem than first thought.

Based on our early rider reviews, motion sickness was not expected to be a significant issue at Cosmic Rewind, but as the general public is experiencing the ride, more and more cases of motion sickness are being reported.

To combat the issue, Disney has recently installed more garbage cans at the exit with an open top to allow easier access for vomiting guests.

On today's grand opening, Disney has gone a step further and is now offering vomit bags at the exit to anyone who might need one.

This isn't the first time we have seen motion sickness be a significant issue at Disney World. Mission SPACE became almost impossible to operate with the amount of vomiting taking place, resulting in motion sickness bags being placed at every seat on the ride, opening a less intense version of the ride.

We don't believe that the motion sickness issue at Cosmic Rewind is anywhere near that of Mission: SPACE, but it certainly seems to be a big enough of a problem for Disney to take measures.

Disney is using a first-of-a-kind rollercoaster ride system at Cosmic Rewind, which allows the vehicle to rotate as it travels along the ride track. This rotation, combined with a rollercoaster and large-scale video displays may be too much for some guests who are sensitive to motion sickness.

The ride system is fully programmable, and it remains to be seen if Disney will make any changes to the ride vehicle profile to reduce the chances of rider motion sickness.

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DCBaker8 days ago

A few benches have been added to the extended outdoor queue area under the umbrellas.

donsullivan10 days ago

I got 96 today and was on around 2:30. It started out reporting much later and then the time kept pulling in earlier and earlier. Since I was staying at a resort, I also bought ILL just after 7AM and that boarded around 11AM.

Casper Gutman10 days ago

I think you highlighted two of the worst Marvel third acts (as much as the movie has to offer, I think Black Panther may have the worst final conflict sequence). I would argue those absolutely aren't the baseline - Captain America 2 & 3, GotG 2 & 3, Avengers 3 & 4, Ant-Man 2, Dr Strange 1 & 2, Iron Man 3, Thor 3, and all of the MCU Spider-Man films strike me as much more representative, broadly follow the pattern I discussed, and make up the vast bulk of their recent releases. If the most comparable filmic experience to a new ride is the final fight in Black Panther (a segment I believe was hugely rushed in editing and SFX, accounting for much of the lackluster final product in an otherwise very good movie), its not a great compliment. Anyway, I'm mainly just arguing about MCU films - which believe me, I'm happy to keep doing! I think we also profoundly disagree about MMRR, but to each their own.

gerarar11 days ago

It depends. If your assigned BG is below 80s, most likely before 1pm. Anything above that is usually called after 1pm.

flyakite11 days ago

I’m sorry if this has been answered previously. If you get a VQ at 7:00am, are you likely ride before or close to the next drop of VQs at 1:00pm?

helenabear11 days ago

I agree this one is very easy to get on. We were easily getting our BGs when we tried. I did not our very first day as I refused to pay for internet on the plane while flying and we weren't sure we'd have enough energy to do a ride trying at the 1pm drop. All three times I tried (2 7am and 1 6pm) I was a part of the first groups to be called (2x got BG1). Easy peasy to get on really compared to Rise. Remy was also not hugely difficult for me either and this feels about the same.

UNCgolf11 days ago

Based on the data we have, everyone who wants to ride can ride every day without issue. The early morning boarding groups go pretty quickly, but ILLs are available for hours and the 1 PM drop is usually available for 30+ minutes (and often over an hour) except on Mondays. Even on Mondays it lasts several minutes so as long as you're ready at 1 you'll get one.

DonaldDoleWhip11 days ago

The first day I attempted to ride (last Saturday, 6/4), failed to secure a boarding group and didn't purchase the LL. The next 6 days (Sunday - Friday), opted for both, and the last few VQ attempts continuously got an 'instant' boarding time. Wednesday to Friday included a ride companion as well. On Saturday, DHS was our park of choice, but on Sunday I landed one more boarding group. Was also the first in line that day; first train on Sunday was "Disco Inferno." So besides day #1, had an incredibly easy time riding! Also, no regrets going for all the ILLs I did, as it took 12 rides for me to hit 6 songs.

MagicHappens197111 days ago

The boarding groups are not that hard to get into if you’re on at exactly 7am.

mergatroid11 days ago

Out of interest are you paying LL to ride or using the free boarding groups? Only asking because 13 rides means it appears reasonably easy for you to get on?

DonaldDoleWhip11 days ago

Agree to disagree - there are absolutely some great Marvel third acts, but I find many of them (even in otherwise-iconic films like Black Panther and Shang-Chi) to be a CGI slog. Cosmic Rewind is much, much more entertaining than that baseline. Like Slinky Dog (mediocre effort) and Mission Breakout (impressive what they pulled off), it punches well above its weight on the fun factor, which is ultimately the one I value most. It's also a lot more ambitious than something like Slinky, and a lot more fun than something like Ratatouille or MMRR. Only Rise arguably tops it at both, and I find Cosmic Rewind to be much more fun. 13 rides in, and it remains one of my top 3 attractions worldwide. Whatever they paid for it was worth the cost in my eyes.

EricsBiscuit11 days ago

If this was in TL I guarantee they would have replaced SM with it.

Casper Gutman11 days ago

I think you're being a bit unfair to MCU blockbusters here. While it is true that, at their worst, they descend into exchanges of brightly-colored power-beams, for the most part they avoid this trap. Many Marvel climaxes serve effectively as the emotional climax of the protagonists' arcs - think of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Civil War, or The Winter Soldier. Even when they don't work at that level, they tend to be well constructed as a series of individual, distinct beats or gags, arranged not unlike the panels of a comic book - think of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Thor: Ragnarok, or Avengers. Its precisely on these terms that Cosmic Rewind seems to stumble. Despite laboriously establishing Quill's emotional connection to EPCOT the attraction does nothing with that backstory, and the ride is without emotional stakes for any of the heroes - or the guests. Even more inexplicably, the entire ride portion is one constant journey through undifferentiated space with little visual variety. This is particularly odd since the pre-show sets up such an elaborate backstory and the "jumpgate" formula is the perfect conceit to establish a set of visual beats or quick comedic gags, which is how Gunn uses it in the films.

DonaldDoleWhip11 days ago

That’s fair. I would compare the ride portion of Cosmic Rewind to the third act of a major Marvel blockbuster (actually far better IMO), in that the substance might not fully be there, but the fun + music factor are exactly where they need to be for a fantastic time. I also never found the Guardians to be lacking, as the narration felt persistent enough, but can understand why people would’ve preferred them to join the journey visually as well. Finally, I absolutely love VelociCoaster! That’s one ride where the ‘minimal’ theming totally fits what it is, and the coaster design itself is glorious. Kudos to Universal for making that one happen so quickly. Also, credit where credit’s due, the indoor queue plus intro scene of Ratatouille do a great job setting the mood. It’s when the ‘chase’ starts that things decline for me, but that opening setup is so well-done.