Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind's Virtual Queue drop availability shifts to a new pattern in recent days

Aug 09, 2022 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Posted: Tuesday August 9, 2022 2:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The virtual queue availability for EPCOT's Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind has recently shifted, bucking the trend that has remained mostly steady since opening.

For the second consecutive day today, the 7am virtual queue distribution has lasted longer than the 1pm distribution. Today's 7am drop reached capacity in 32 seconds, with the 1pm drop completed in 26 seconds. Yesterday saw the morning reach capacity in 11 seconds, followed by just 9 seconds in the afternoon.

Over the past month, the 1pm distribution has been available for upwards of a couple of hours. It is too early to say if we are seeing a long-term shift, but if you are planning a visit to EPCOT in the coming days, be aware of the recent trend, and don't assume that the afternoon distribution will be available for an extended period.

In addition to the distribution shift, the ride has been seeing some lengthy downtime over the past week. Saturday saw the ride closed for a third of the day, and there have been numerous reports of the teleportation pre-show being skipped entirely, and guests walked through the rooms to the loading station.

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gerarar8 hours ago

7am drop lasted for 7.415 secs. Friday 7am Drop Average: 3m -> 3m (+0m) Note: The park opens later than usual due to the phased reopening; 9am for resort guests & 11am for non-resort guests. BG's 1-15 called at 9:15am as part of the initial wave.

gerarar2 days ago

Final Day 123 Stats (9/27): 7am: 1039.8 secs, or ~18 mins 1pm: 16641.6 secs, or ~4 hours 37 mins BG 191 (+16) is the last BG called for the day. Notable 15+ min stoppages today: 5:08 - 5:27pm Average pace: 4mins/BG VQ Drop Mean/Average: 7am: 16m -> 17m (+1m) 1pm: 2hr 41m -> 2hr 47m (+6m) That does it for Day 123 of GotG: CR! Note: WDW parks will be closed on 9/28 & 9/29, therefore there will be no VQ drops for the next two days.

gerarar2 days ago

1pm drop lasted for 16641.618 secs, or ~4 hours 37 mins. Tuesday 1pm Drop Average: 2hr 41m -> 2hr 47m (+6m) Up to BG 78 called at 1pm, 1 more than yesterday.

gerarar3 days ago

7am drop lasted for 1093.842 secs, or ~18 mins. Tuesday 7am Drop Average: 16m -> 17m (+1m) BG's 1-20 called at 8:11am as part of the initial wave.

gerarar3 days ago

Final Day 122 Stats (9/26): 7am: 10.5 secs 1pm: 233.6 secs, or ~4 mins 6pm: 6.2 secs BG 175 (+18) is the last BG called during regular park hours at 8pm. For EEH, resumed at 8:33pm with BG's 178-181, with BG 206 as the last BG called for the day at 10pm. Notable 15+ min stoppages today: 11:28 - 11:52am 11:52am - 12:16pm 6:04 - 6:20pm Average pace: 4mins/BG VQ Drop Mean/Average: 7am: 23.6s -> 22.8 (-0.8s) 1pm: 58m -> 55m (-3m) 6pm: 5m -> 5m (+0) That does it for Day 122 of GotG: CR!

gerarar3 days ago

6pm drop lasted for 6.189 secs. Monday 6pm Drop Average: 5m -> 5m (+0) Up to BG 140 called at 6pm, 24 more than yesterday.

MisterPenguin4 days ago

It's all that vomit on the tracks, isn't it?!

gerarar4 days ago

1pm drop lasted for 233.611 secs, or ~4 mins. Monday 1pm Drop Average: 58m -> 55m (-3m) Up to BG 77 called at 1pm, 14 more than yesterday.

UNCgolf4 days ago

It's generally unusual for a roller coaster to have this much downtime in a day (especially if it's not an issue with the ride system), which was my point. I agree it doesn't have much compared to some other Disney rides, but that's essentially irrelevant because most Disney rides are more complicated and/or much older (and why I mentioned a lack of significant on-ride effects). It doesn't seem like there's much to go wrong outside of the ride system. The projections could stop working or the audio could stop playing; what else is there? There are other potential issues in the preshow, but they've previously run the ride when the preshow wasn't functioning properly.

doctornick4 days ago

That’s what I was gonna say. It feels like this ride has relatively little downtown compared to most Disney rides. Of course when it’s being tracked closely like in this thread it might seem more common, but I’d be curious to see similar tracking to all other Disney rides to see how it compares.

Magic Feather4 days ago

By Disney standards this ride barely experiences downtime. When it does, it rarely has to do with the ride system.

UNCgolf4 days ago

What causes so much downtime in this ride? It seems strange for a coaster without any significant on-ride effects to be down that much in a day. Only thing I can think of is something wrong with the rotation on the vehicles.

gerarar4 days ago

7am drop lasted for 10.458 secs. Monday 7am Drop Average: 23.6s -> 22.8s (-0.8s) BG's 1-20 called at 8:10am as part of the initial wave.

gerarar4 days ago

Final Day 121 Stats (9/25): 7am: 14.7 secs 1pm: 10.3 secs* *6th time ever 7am drop lasted longer than 1pm drop BG 157 (-28) is the last BG called for the day. Notable 15+ min stoppages today: 10:22 - 10:39am 10:55 - 11:19am 11:43 - 11:59am 12:15 - 12:31pm 12:39 - 12:55pm 1:05 - 1:25pm 1:28 - 2:00pm 3:48 - 4:48pm ~201 mins of downtime ≈ offline 28% of the day (4th worst performing day, behind Aug 1's downtime of 206 mins) Average pace: 4mins/BG VQ Drop Mean/Average: 7am: 52.7 -> 50.6 (-2.1s) 1pm: 1hr 56m -> 1hr 49m (-7m) That does it for Day 121 of GotG: CR!