Virtual Queue and Lightning Lane availability improving at Disney World's Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

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Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Virtual Queue and Lightning Lane signs
Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2022 9:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Availability of Virtual Queue boarding groups and Lightning Lane Individual Attraction purchase is improving at EPCOT's new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Virtual Queue boarding groups are distributed daily at 7am and 1pm. While the 7am distribution continues to reach capacity nearly instantaneously in around 3 to 4 seconds, the 1pm availability window has significantly expanded in recent days.

Beginning June 1, the 1pm distribution window was open for 3 minutes, which, although still very short, is a significant boost over previous days measured in just seconds.

Things improved dramatically on June 3 as the 1pm window remained open for 14 minutes, followed by 23 minutes on June 4 and 17 minutes on June 5. June 6 saw a drop back to just over 2 minutes, but June 7 jumped to a whopping 90 minutes.

For Lightning Lane Individual Attraction Purchase, things have also improved from the first week. Some days are now seeing availability well into regular park hours, as late as 10am. On some days, Lightning Lane passes continue to sell out before normal park opening, meaning Lightning Lane access is exclusive to Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests on those days.

The best advice for experiencing Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Rewind continues to be to attempt a 7am Virtual Queue boarding group reservation. If unsuccessful, you then have an option to make a Lightning Lane purchase, which will likely secure you a ride before 2pm. If you missed the 7am, and chose not to make a Lightning Lane purchase, you are almost certain to be able to secure a Virtual Queue boarding group at the 1pm opening.

On days when EPCOT offers Extended Evening Hours for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests, Virtual Queue availability remains very limited. On the first night, all spots in the 6pm Virtual Queue were allocated almost instantly in around 2 seconds. The situation was the same on the second Extended Evening Hours that occurred last night. If attending an Extended Evening Hours night, experiencing Cosmic Rewind is a bit of a lottery, with the only option to try at precisely 6pm to join the Virtual Queue.

Visit our "Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind" FAQ for more answers to common questions including Virtual Queues and Lightning Lane.

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gerarar1 hour ago

1pm drop lasted for 6581.557 secs, or 1 hour 50 mins. Up to BG 78 called at 1pm, 5 less than yesterday.

vikescaper6 hours ago

Do you remember what time you got out of line? I got in line at around 7:48 last night and was affected by the downtime, first in the first holding area and then on the lift hill after load. I can’t remember the exact time but I was to say we were off the ride prior to 8:50. I totally understand the frustration, though.

gerarar9 hours ago

7am drop lasted for 10.497 secs. BG's 1-2 called at 8:10am as part of the initial wave....a new low??

TriSeb10 hours ago

Biggest Bummer. Last night, we got in Line at 7:30 PM for our BG (Our Plane Landed about 3PM) and were sketchin about having enough time to jam in our additional/purchased ILL. Well, we didn't get to ride at all on our first day after over a month of practicing, tracking on ThrillData, this thread, and planning. My family was completely deflated. We were on the last switchback before boarding and the PA system would announce that the ride would be up "momentarily", again, and again, and again. Every time I asked for an update the CMs would simply ignore me. Really, no response whatsoever. "Should we just leave so we can at least watch Harmonious?" I asked them... Crickets. We eventually pulled the plug and went to watch Harmonious and politely told every CM on the way out that the lack of updates or acknowledgment of my questions was unacceptable and to let management know. I still haven't been credited for my ILL so I will have to go to the concierge in a couple of hours. We have a second EPCOT day planned so I am hopeful but a bit jaded already about the newest ride. The rest of the first day was a BLAST so.... as I told my family a bad moment a Disney is better than any great day at home.

gerarar19 hours ago

Final Day 37 Stats (7/2): 7am: 26.6 secs 1pm: 14440.4 secs, or ~4 hours 1 mins BG 200 is the last BG called for the day. This is 4 less than yesterday. The average pace was 3-4mins/BG for entire day. Notable 15+ min stoppages today: 10:30 - 10:47 am 10:51 - 11:07 am That does it for Day 37 of GotG: CR!

gerarar21 hours ago

1pm drop lasted for 14440.354 secs, or ~4 hours 1 min. Up to BG 83 called at 1pm, 3 less than yesterday.

TheMaxRebo1 day ago

Rat was pretty reliable too - it lasted a bit over 3 months for that. One thing the VQ also does is limits gets to 1 ride (or 2 if they also pay for ILL), if you get rid of the VQ then people can ride multiple times which will lengthen the queue As long as all ILLs are sold and all VQ spots get taken eventually, I think think they could keep it around. If it starts that the 1pm VQ never closes as not all spots are taken, then sure, go to standby

vikescaper1 day ago

We spent morning and early afternoon at DHS and decided to hop over to EPCOT at 3 pm. The virtual queue was still available and we ended up with group 184.

TriSeb1 day ago

Let’s Go!

gerarar1 day ago

7am drop lasted for 26.594 secs. BG's 1-20 called at 8:10am as part of the initial wave.

Richie2481 day ago

When will they move this to standby? Seems like the ride is fairly reliable....

gerarar1 day ago

Final Day 36 Stats (7/1): 7am: 95.9 secs 1pm: 19847.8 secs, or ~5 hours 31 mins BG 204 is the last BG called for the day. This is 16 more than yesterday. The average pace was 3-4mins/BG for entire day. Notable 15+ min stoppages today: 7:16 - 7:38 pm That does it for Day 36 of GotG: CR! Exponential: Linear:

gerarar1 day ago

Ah you're right! I'm central time, so doing the conversions in my head messes me up sometimes! Honestly should have my bot do the calculations tbh haha. Typo fixed!

SingleRider1 day ago

If it started at 1pm and closed at 6:31pm that would be 5 hours and 31 minutes. That is an amazing record - did Ratatouille ever last that long? We may be seeing the end of VQ at Guardians soon if this keeps up.