PHOTO - Walls go up around Epcot's Universe of Energy Pavilion

Oct 06, 2017 in "Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind"

Posted: Friday October 6, 2017 12:35pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls now surround the former Universe of Energy Pavilion at Epcot.

Ellen's energy Adventure closed on August 13 2017 to make way for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy coaster.

Much of the original Universe of Energy Pavilion will be used as queue and pre-show space, with a new ride building set to be built behind the Wonders of Life pavilion. Much like Rock 'n 'RollerCoaster, the separate ride building will house the actual rollercoaster ride, linked to the original building by a launch tunnel.

Despite the now outward signs of progress, don't get too excited just yet. Guardians of the Galaxy is speculated to open around Spring 2021.

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Touchdown1 minute ago

Also spinning mice don’t have LIM launches, and by definition the trains are only one car long. This is not a crazy mouse (spinning wild mouse.)

Movielover5 hours ago

Someone clearly does not know what a wild mouse coaster is... Also that already exists, it's called a spinning wild mouse, and WDW just removed theirs.

V_L_Raptor7 hours ago

I can't help but keep thinking this is an obscene amount of money and time for effectively a wild mouse with spinny cars.

mandstaft8 hours ago

As much as I hate the building, I’m glad it’s enclosed and not just exposed track.

Mickeynerd1712 hours ago

Meanwhile, Horizons was only approximately 167 million in today's dollars... I wonder why it's so expensive. It's probably the new building, coaster track/cars, and a completely different interior footprint in the UoE building, but still it seems like a LOT of money for a coaster.

UNCgolf15 hours ago

And I don't even mind people saying very pregnant or very unique in informal writing -- it's just that we know his Instagram posts are written by a PR team and edited, so they should know better! It's a minor complaint, though.

NobodyElse16 hours ago

I'm mostly just poking a little fun, but I find those words to be similar. I get your point that "very unique" is like "very pregnant" - in its purest definition, it's an absolute. Some people find common / uncommon to be equally binary. To play a bit of devil's advocate, if we were to come across one of only two remaining (fill in the blank)s, it would be tempting to describe it as "very unique", even though incorrect. Luckily, there are words like "rare" that are both accurate and succinct. :)

James Alucobond16 hours ago

“Ubiquitous” is a more apt comparison as both deal in extremes that need not be qualified.

ImperfectPixie16 hours ago

Very much so - there are varying degrees of "common".

UNCgolf17 hours ago

Goes back to what I said about edited/professional writing! Although I'm not sure that is an issue the way very unique is. Common is a different kind of word than unique.

NobodyElse17 hours ago

Some people might contend that something can't be "pretty" common. ;)

HauntedPirate18 hours ago

It’s not really a trend, as far as I know. But someone fell in love with it and… here we are. Disney has had a tendency to beat things into the ground over the last 10-15 years. Iridescent paint. Projections. The same merchandise available nearly everywhere. One could argue QS menu selections in most QS locations in years gone by, after DDP came about.

Poseidon Quest19 hours ago

Is it actually a trend? It seems like one they set themselves, and while I don't inherently dislike it, their merchandise and parks have become far too over-saturated with it.

cookiee_munster20 hours ago

I wonder if there was a sale somewhere??? LOL the iridescent warehouse closing down sale 😂🤣